Wednesday, September 11, 2013

We got much needed rain!!! Hope there is no water in basement

I got the surprise of my life yesterday.  I told Joe if he wanted to take me to the hair dresser  that would be ok.  He said “if you want to drive yourself that is ok but DON’T FALL”.  I NEARLY FELL OVER WITH SHOCK.  So I am going to see how everything works.  Luckily we both have fairly long legs and have the seat pushed back in the car so we are more comfortable.  When my leg is stretched out in length, it feels better.  If I feel I can’t do it I will come back from my test drive and ask him to take me.  Then I will probably have to pick him up off the floor. lol.  I think I will do ok.  I still have a bruise that is much smaller under my eye, my thigh, (makes me think of a chicken)  and my hip are various colors.  More neighbor hood news, not sure if it is good or bad.  This ranshakle shack that is across the alley from Tony, my alcoholic neighbor, has a pile of trash that is getting bigger by the day.  Yesterday when Joe was getting groceries out of the car this big  man was in his pick up ready to leave and he stoppede and Joe asked him if he bought that house and he said no but a friend of his did.  He said it is a mess.  I guess Barb, the owner was in Alabama but she is back but not living n her house but that was the one that she ran a ad saying house for sale.  Cheap, Enter at your own risk.  Joe didn’t ask how much he paid for it but they are gutting it completely.  The man Joe talked to was black but we don’t know  about the guy that bought it.  Black or white or yellow as long as they don’t have the music turned way up and just try to be good neighbors we don’t care, but my drunken neighbor and his brother do not like blacks at all.  Could get very interesting.That house is on 15th street  and we are on 14th.


Jean said...

Good morning Lucy, I'm sure you will be okay driving to get your hair cut. It's getting dry here we haven't had any rain in about a week. I will have to say it's okay with me. Lol. Take care.


Hope you made it to the hairdresser and back.

Paula said...

Good luck with your new neighbor. You've right the color of skin doesn't matter. It is the people them selves and how they conduct themselves. Enjoy your new haircut. i'm trying to let mine grow out from a very short haircut and that's a mess but I'm determined.

jack69 said...

Good idea, the test drive. Hope all goes well because we must get the hair done, JUST ASK ANY LADY!!!! hahahahaah

No water in the basement means JOE knows something about water

Chatty Crone said...

He let you drive - cool.

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