Thursday, September 12, 2013

I made it to the hair dresser and got my glasses fixed.

Now, I am going to make this short.  I have thought about what to say to set things right with some mistakes I have made in my comments.  I just said to a blogger who is going through a rough patch, I didn’t know what I would do without my fellow bloggers.  I have always felt I could talk freely and this was the one place, we all  understood each other.  I had forgotten about one other time when all communication ended for a while.  A quite a while.  I knew I was wrong in what I said, and I said so.  If any specific comment made by me has harmed anyone or made them feel they were being judged by me, I am sorry.  At nearly 84, I have lived through happy, sad, tough times and still are, but I feel now like I just can not  continue to blog for fear of saying the wrong thing. So I am going to do some serious soul searching as to if I should continue.  Maybe I am to old to use good judgment any more. I care about you all and I just don’t know how to make it any clearer.


slj said...

Oh no you don't Miss Lucy...You can't stop blogging now....
We all say things that may come across in the wrong way..then we apologize and move on:)
Believe me, I have put my foot in my mouth on more than one I'm still here..
We are all here for each other, that is what friends are for:)


Jean said...

Lucy we don't want you to quit blogging you were the start of me blogging and reading blogs. Lol. I think we all have said and done things that we regret later. Glad to hear you made it to get your glasses fixed and a hair cut and back home okay. It's been a year since I broke my hip and I still have a cramp like pain in my leg after driving for a while. Take care. Jean


Lucy don't throw in the towel. We love you blogging.

jack69 said...

since this is my third try, I think the Blogging Gods are mad.. Not only did my print go to extra small I lost the last the last three entrees, here we go again. Hug Joe and kiss Spunky (or the other way around) and CONTINUE AS YOU HAVE IN THE PAST.
We all get out feathers ruffled, I guess I am the worlds worst. So keep on as you were.
This will probably go since I am going to retries t

Love from North Carolina,
Sherry & Jack

jack69 said...

I meant to say since I am copying it. I am going to sleep at the key board.

Chatty Crone said...

Lucy I have no idea how you ever offended anyone. You are a sweet dear woman.

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