Sunday, September 15, 2013

We got rain sometime and Spunky ate part of a dead bird yesterday AM and got very sick last night but I think he is better.

I wanted  to put a teaspoon of salt down his throat right away when Joe told me he got it, and that would have made him upchuck before his digestive system had tried  to digest it.  I think he will be fine though.  I feel much better now that I at least  apologized to you, Jack.  I knew you were a busy guy but I still owed you an apology. I also figured out by reading a comment on someone else’s blog that Paula is going crazy  with her new Windows eight.  I definitely will just quit if this machine quits.  I hate 8.  However Jean, which does not  like her windows 8 but  either went to her laptop or licked her problems with 8. I think she is just stubborn enough she would not give up.  I think Paula will get it if she keeps on working with it.  I agree, Jack, that Facebook is going to, or has already let bloggers find out how much easier it is to write one liners.  I was on there yesterday and until some of my kids got on and posted  some grandkids pictures, I did then stay on for a while.  I hear about how Facebook is messed up again from people who are on there every day.  Some days I choose not to go on.  Then there are days I go in and come right back out and just read books.  Which reminds me, Jack I loved the book and  the print is big enough I could read it with no problem.  If I can find my picture of our railings I will post it today.  Chatty your blog is adorable all the time with all of your moving parts of it.



LOVE the color you painted the railings. Hope Spunky is alright.

Chatty Crone said...

YOU ARE SO SWEEET. I love your blue railings and your new blog look. Did you read Jack's book - wasn't is awesome? sandie

Paula said...

I think the most frustrating thing about Windows 8 for me is there are no little X's to click out of places and I have to figure out how to leave a site. It is so different in everyway but lucy I know you could learn it if you had to. I have to now, I just gave my old computer to the renters in the farm house. They have three big kids at home trying to do homework. Your railings look nice.

jack69 said...

I love the blue rails on the header. Good job. Facebook is good to keep up on pictures, sherry loves that part with the Grand and greats. Thanks forthe comments on the book. Everyone that reads it seems to have good comments.
Hope The Spunky one will be good and weller.
Love from NC
ps: not looking forward to 8.

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