Saturday, October 19, 2013

heavy frost.!!!!!

It got down  to the lower thirty’s last night. Glad I had Joe pick all the tomato’s.  Even the green ones.  If they were bigger I would wrap them in Newspapers and put them in a brown bag and we would be eating fresh tomato’s in about 2 months.  They, my tomato’s that are from our vine are so good and I think they ripen on the counter, pretty good.  Joe finally has woke up and is showing that he is awake.  No raccoon last night.  No Sandie, the raccoon didn’t hurt Spunky.   Beagles age pretty young.  He is about 10 and a half and that is good that he is still getting around  He saw the raccoon sitting just a few feet from thee house,  Raccoon ran and had no problem going up the 2 steps that are terraced.  Spunky squatted like a hunting dog should, but when he pushed off to run after him he somehow injured his leg and foot.  The vet said just wait a few days and then if it is not better he will have to go in for x-rays.  We thought it was probably just a sprain or a pulled muscle.  We will give it till Monday,  his hind parts are weak from age but the raccoon  stirred up that old feeling of wanting to hunt. He just can’t do it..  I smell coffee.  Have to go.



Hopefully spunky will be feeling better soon.

Chatty Crone said...

Gosh Lucky - Spunky and I suffer from the same issues then! I know just how he feels. I hope he is better.


jack69 said...

I think he is happy to have tried and not made it, but at least he tried. LOL

Sounds like you are headed for winter out there. Too cool for me. Time to head for Florida!!!
Lvoe form NC

Paula said...

Like your footprint background.

Paula said...

Whoops I meant paw print background.

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