Friday, October 18, 2013

It is cold and dreary here today.

So I will think pink and sunshine.  If I don’t look out the window I might really believe it is a beautiful day.  Spunky did not get Joe up so there was not a battle with a raccoon.  Joe was actually feeling bad because he threw it over the fence.  He said “it was a cute little thing”.  I informed him that they are not pets and they may be cute when they are little but they are not nice.  Shirl, we sat down with Spunky and had a long talk about  his being older and not able to do all the things we used to do.  I think he thought we were old but he didn’t age.  He is still  limping but now rests his whole paw on the floor lightly.  I sure hope it heals without surgery.


Paula said...

Cute observation about Spunky's thoughts. No Lucy our company from Alaska are not supposed to come this year. They just got home from a cruise.


Raccoons are cute but vicious. Best to avoid them.

Chatty Crone said...

Didn't the coon hurt Spunky in the first place? sandie

jack69 said...

Glad you had a talk with the Spunk. I am sure he listened, and will now go and do what he wants to. I have a son like that. LOL

Not a bad idea to THINK PINK.

Love jack & Sherry!

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