Wednesday, October 2, 2013

I moved most of my stuff to Firefox and so far so good. So much better than Chrome.

Will see how this does.  I was wondering how I could find my blog, and I looked at the address bar and I clicked on it since it had blogger in the bar.  I do miss my live writer but not enough to go back.  This is a really nice  place to try to call home so I won't get so frustrated. So far everything is right where it is easy to get to  Still don't have e-mail set up.  I am supposed to be able to get windows live mail on here but it I still can not get a password to work on it.  Says I don't need to have a Microsoft account, but it still says my password is  not right.  So that is the least of my  worries.  It was the whole Outlook thing that  drove me up the wall.  I lived with this computer till I finally moved here at the suggestion of someone in face book.  Going to get off and  make a meatloaf instead of racing into the kitchen an hour late.


shirl72 said...

I knew you could tell that computer
a few things and get it going. The
meat loaf sounds wonderful. I think
I will fix one for the week-end.

Tell Joe and Spunky I said Hello,
and hope Spunky is still getting
his treats and to leave the animals
outside alone he is going to get sick.

jack69 said...

Glad you are happier here. I hope the satisfaction stays. I can understand missing live writer, I know I would. Since you introduced me to IT, I have been very pleased.
Take care love to you, Joe and the Spunky one.


Glad you found something that works for you, Lucy.

slj said...

Fingers crossed Lucy..I use Firefox, at the suggestion of my son..
Hope it works out for you too..

Jean said...

I knew you would get through this. I'm still with IE so far without problems.Lol. Looks like we might have a hurricane headed our way. I sure hope not. Take care. Jean

Sheila Y said...

I use firefox too. I have MSN that I use when paying bills or such because they are supposed to have a little added security. Hope all is well with you today, take care, Sheila

Chatty Crone said...

I am not sure what here is - I thought you were always here. lol
But I am glad you found something that worked for you and that you are staying here. sandie

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