Thursday, October 3, 2013

So far so good

Will see if I will remain happy for another day with  this. I think I am expecting the worse and hoping for the better.  I sure do miss my live writer.  I do not care for this format that is  probably all I could get.  We got rain.  When I say rain I mean RAIN.  It is only supposed  to get in the lower to mid 50's Saturday.  Wonder if winter is getting closer and what it will be like this winter.  I think our weather patterns are changing a quite a bit, over time.  Salem's lot I really want to thank you for your offer of help when I was having so much trouble. I sometimes get so wrapped up in my own  mind I forget my manners.  I am so sorry to hear about your pretty white cat.  I agree, I don't think our pets should be eating  those things.  Especially a dead part of a bird or a bird they catch alive. In fact I prefer  Spunky not get anything like that but being a Beagle his nature is to hunt  and in his case, dead or alive.  I am sending up a little prayer that I am declared indigent by Multaq company.  I bought 15 tablets the other day, and I am in the do-nut hole so it cost me 67.00 dollars. We were so close to being out of money that was all I could do, to tide me over. I skipped some. I am not expecting sympathy, just letting people know how outrageously expensive some Med's are.   I paid 95.00 for a months supply while I was not in the do-nut hole and they paid the balance.  Want to read some blogs today so best get off.


jack69 said...

Hoping all woks out for the meds. they are toooo expensive. Anything attached to health and drugs is out of sight. The same companies seel for ten cents on the dollar in other countries. Ain't right!

Take care and hope the 'fall' damage is behind you...


medicine is expensive for sure. My hubby's pills cost a fortune too. hang in there.

Chatty Crone said...

Meds are so expensive - and just when we need them - the insurance goes. And glasses and dental too.

salemslot9 said...

thank you
for your kind reply :)

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