Monday, October 14, 2013


I NEED A SMALL CUBBY HOLE.  Maybe big enough for my computer and the thousands of scraps of  PAPER with passwords that work a few times then with Outlook that same password won’t work so get another.  I think most of you have experiences that at one time or another.  I have one spiral notebook cramped full of passwords, labeled  so I won’t get them mixed up.  It is full of crossed out one.  I had the same g-maIL PASSWORD for years.  New it by heart.  Then one say it didn’t work any more,  Spunky seems better.  He is still limping but it is better. I can not do anything right, in Joes eyes, when it comes to Spunky.  All I try to do is make him stop itching.  Joe told him he was going to feed him. After Joe said that it was nearly ad hour and Spunky was agitated so he itched, and I had listened to the story of Kennedy”s assassination for the hundredth time while Spunky itched. I don’t think I will ever stop having my own thoughts about where he was when I fell off my step.  I was on the top step and didn’t touch a step all the way down.  Concrete was my saving grace as far as being hurt more.  It stopped the slide would have had.  A bone on the top of my eye socket is still sore to the touch. So far the big house next door that the man bought for back taxes and is remodeling. is bright yellow.  They spray painted it and the skinny  old man came and worked on the front porch yesterday .  It is a shock when you used to  see big bare spots where the paint blew off and part of it was green and part off it was white.  I like it, just like I like my bright blue railings.  The old man dresses with a stocking cap and layers of clothes  Once in a while he has to peel some off.  He brought his dog yesterday and he is a big dog.  Bigger than most German Shepards and needs some of that hair brushed off of him.  That old fellow loves him.  He brought a pan and poured water in it for him.  Later he took him home and came back.  He isn’t afraid of  work, but he is so thin.


Sheila Y said...

I used to put my passwords in a little notebook, then I thought about an address book. So I bought one to put them in and it is so much easier to find them when they are in alphabetical order. Hope Spunky's itching gets better soon. Have a nice day, Sheila

Paula said...

Just stopping in to say "Hello" and hope things are well with you today.

jack69 said...

Take care, Glad The Spunky one seems to be better. So you have a painted house, a skinny neighbor with a giant dog. Sounds good. Hope it stays to your liking. always good to like the neighbors. (When you can!) (sigh)

Love from North Carolina

Chatty Crone said...

Does your hubs read this???? lol Hey I am glad Spunky seems to feel better. Your neighbor came over to help???


I never remember my passwords. You've got the right idea writing them down.

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