Sunday, October 13, 2013

Running late comforting Spunky

Last night for Spunky’s last trip out before bed, a little after 10 Joe and Spunk went out and Joe said from the back door, “Spunky hurt his leg” and he was limping terribly.  I asked what happened, a racoon was in our yard, Joe saw it but it was closer than he thought and he opened the door and Spunky shot out to get his prey. He  is to old to push off with his back legs and the one weak leg went out.  We may have to have it looked at by the vet tomorrow.  It looks  a little off to me but if he is able to put more weight on it I think it was possibly a sprain.  I have to cut this short because since I started this I had to go in and take care of a coffee pot we had because the one we use all the time  is leaking.



I sure hope Spunky is going to be alright. Poor thing didn't realize he's not as spry and he used to be.

Paula said...

Spunky probably thought he was protecting you and Joe. Hope he will be okay.

Jean said...

I hope he's not hurt too bad. Poor little fellow so sorry for him. Makes me think of the time something got a hold of Jett and broke his leg.

Chatty Crone said...

I hope Spunky is doing better right now!

shirl72 said...

Spunky has got to learn he is not
young anymore. We are all getting
older. Lucy have a talk with him
and tell him his friends don't want
him to be hurt so take it easy.

Hope you and Joe are feeling OK.
We have started having some nice cool
weather and the leaves are falling.
Woe is me I will be busy raking. I
will tell myself it is exercise. hehe

jack69 said...

Aaaah he will be fine. Beagles ain't wimps, they B tough. He will be fine in the morrow. He got a thrill out of the chase. Go get'em tiger!

Hope all will be well.

Love from NC

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