Saturday, October 12, 2013

Well, well, I found it

Now will see if you can. Been a long couple of days and night.  I finally got disgusted and reinstalled the whole works.  My hands were tied with IE shutting me down.  What was weird to me it shut itself down when I tried to upgrade the browser.  Now so far  it is working ok.  IE that is.  Still reinstalling.   I am not sure  who I will go with but outlook is part of IE and already it is jerking me around.  On Firefox ads keep popping up but I think I can handle them.  Chrome is getting to complicated..  My brain needs a rest.  So hope to be reading some blogs before long.


jack69 said...

Sounds like you are winning the war. Glad to see it. I have no idea what my browser is, I just sign on and go. I see e-blogger at the top.
Take care....

Jean said...

Hi Lucy, we knew you would get it to work you always do lady. I have an outlook mail program on this desktop, but I don't use it. In fact I've had it on all my computers. Lol. It's a nice pretty day here today now if I was only able to get out and do it I would clean leaves out of our yard, BUT, not happening today. Take care. Jean

Chatty Crone said...

Girl I have to admit this - I am not sure what you are talking about - but your posts are coming thru. Wish I would help. sandie


let your brain rest. Let the computer sit a while.

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