Friday, October 4, 2013

I tried this yesterday on a trial basis and it worked.

Here goes nothing. If I am lucky it will make it to my blog. I am going to keep it short.  We had the grand daddy of all storms last night. In a tornado warning.  The weather men were on for nearly an hour with the weather map.  My way of dealing with it is to try to ignore it.  I have to go out to Bryan sometime before noon and pick a sample of Multaq.  Hope it is a lot of samples,  but grateful for all the help I get.  A traumatic reality sacked me right in the face  Being in the Donut hole is going to be  impossible for me to  pay what they want me to.  I got 13 pills of the multaq and it cost me 68.00. If I were to get them  in the 60 quantity it would cost me 314.59 for one month supply. I have an application in for the rest of the year  free from the company.  Must go.  I smell Coffee.


Chatty Crone said...

Have you looked at Canada. I get two medications from there for two of my most expensive pills.

Global Pharmacy Canada


Paula said...

Hope you get the medicine free.


Hope you get the pills discounted from the company. FREE sounds good.

jack69 said...

I hope the Multag thing works and you get them at no cost.
Love to YOU, Joe and the Spunky one...

Beth Niquette said...

Are alright? Wow--with the storm and these other goodness. You sound like you need a HUG! ((HUGS))

Claudia said...

The storms are due here starting late tonight and then rain for two days. The remnants of tropical storm Karen will join with the storm from the plains. This should be interesting.

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