Saturday, October 5, 2013

A chilly day here!! Had the furnace on for a while.

It is 52 now and very windy. and cold.  We  have had wicked storms.  Lots of hard rain and high winds.  Then as  you went down hiway 2 east it got really nasty.  LSurprised smilets of damage to houses and cars, crops, and  it seemed to hit someone  or several as it followed highway 2.  We have never had a tornado where we live, but we are kind of in a valley.  I hope we never do because I just tell myself  we are safe. I got enough samples of Multaq to last a month.  We are going to look into other insurance plans for our age, Wed . Kelly, our insurance lady is going to show us.  She said the donut hole will be closed  for 2014 because of Obama care.  That would help me a little because it is the expensive drugs that are breaking me. She has been a life saver to us.


shirl72 said...

Lucy you are still going good on
the computer.

I hope you will find the prescription you need at an affordable price. Like I said
before I think the drugs are priced
out of sight and I really don't understand. They don't need to make
their millions from Seniors.


I hope you get everything worked out with the insurance. I thought about you today when I heard about the bad storms hitting your area. Glad you're okay.

Chatty Crone said...

I am glad you have Kelly there to help you and I hope your home is okay.

Paula said...

We had a big downpour at 3:30 this morning and you know how badly we needed it. Glad you got at least a months supply of meds. Hope something else comes across the board to help you our.

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