Sunday, October 6, 2013

See what I can do with a post

Thinking smileNot much new in this old lady’s life, but I am thankful, even if it is dull, I still have my life and not to impaired. Our furnace ran off and on all day and we had it set on 68 degrees yesterday.1238969_10151562725496035_463407148_nCan you all tell that these 3 are cousins. My grand daughter,s are sisters and my grand son is Nathan, Christopher daddy.  At any rate all of my kids were blonde.  They all have their dad’s blonde hair.  Of course most of the kids and his is getting white, just like me.  I guess what amazes me is how 4 kids from there dad, all had his looks from the beginning. I had more the dishwater, mousy between  light blonde and brown.  I was looking at a picture on Facebook where they were on a reunion that were all shirt tail relatives of theirs.  I have never seen so many blondes in one place all related to a Peterson. Liam, Gabby’s baby is crawling everywhere.  I can hardly believe it.  Christopher is still being observed once a week by a psychologist.  He is still way behind but I know they are evaluating him for autism.  He does not miss anything and is smart as  a whip.


Chatty Crone said...

Do you have Scandinavian ancestry in your background? That might explain the blonde hair.
I hope your little grandson doesn't have autism, but glad they are checking it early.

Paula said...

Hi Lucy, hope you had a nice Sunday and a good week ahead. Be checking on you hopefully.

jack69 said...

Yeah it is that time of the year that mother nature cannot make up her mind.
The grand kids look great. Blonde hair looks great, especially when it starts graying, hard to tell . LOL

I think Christopher will be fine..
Love from Sherry & Jack


My daughters had blonde hair when they were little, then it changed to brown as they aged. I LOVE blonde hair. Your family is lucky.

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