Thursday, October 31, 2013

I was coughing all night so I figured, get up

Spunky was really restless last night and we were worried about him.  He is not in a cast and has stitches and at this time it is a very fragile repair.  If we can get to 6 weeks we won’t have to be so particular. His hip and leg are so out in the open it is almost scary. He wants to go where he has always gone and there is no way he could go to the foot of the bed where he likes to sleep.  If it were in a  cast I would feel like he was not going to break, if he bumped it a little. It was a long night.  Between my cough and him kind of at loss, It was a long night. He really has to work to get into a sitting position and then there is the problem of his rear having to come up.  He has been really good though. I imagine you are all sick of hearing  about  Spunky, so I will try to not write about him as much.  As for Chris he needs to gain weight.  It is so hard to fathom that this little boy  that loves his sand box and is very smart can not  have a normal life.    He has his own sign language.  That is grab your hand and point to where he wants to go.GR. Grandma is not so good at figuring out what he wants. I think you are right Jack, given the right people around him I think he will not only get by in life but possibly excel. The family’s biggest concern is his weight.  I think him being so small that his immune system is not up to par.  We had just a few hail stones yesterday and they were about golf ball size. We were so happy it didn’t last.  The delivery man that delivers our meds said that where they are located is probably about 20 blocks from us and the parking lot was white with hail.



Poor Spunky trying to find a way to get comfortable. Hope his recovery is quicker than you anticipate.

Chatty Crone said...

I would be restless sleeping too. One day at a time. sandie

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