Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I have been to Feedly’s, not sure about that

I do wish I did not become so adventuresome.  I am not sure about that move.  Guess we may not have a choice the way it sounds.  It seems our reader is there yet, in the same place.  Guess I will go with the flow. I think they just like to confuse we older ones.  It  seems like  it to me because I don’t like change.  The veterinarian clinic probably opened up about 10 minutes ago.  Just wondered how Spunky is today.  Joe called  around four yesterday and he was waking up and she said she was going to go back and pet him  since she was off at four o’clock.  They are just super nice down there.  Of course lately they have seen a lot of him. I would prefer just taking him to visit for free.  Now about my little great grandson, Christopher.  He will be 3 in December  and has been very late doing everything, walking and all.  My daughter e-mailed me that they had taken him to the doctor and he weighs 25 pounds.  That is approximately 20 lbs more than he weighed when he was born.  He just doesn’t want to eat and what little they can get down him isn’t enough because he has so much energy he burns it up right away.  He still doesn’t talk. The  specialist they have for him now  is considering  having him already start learning sign language.  As my daughter says, “good luck with that”. Keep him still long enough.  He is smart as a whip but far behind kids his age.  Not in the smart department, is he behind. He just can’t express it like others.  He is greatly loved, by anyone that knows him.  And even more loved by family.  His mom is short, like a little over 4 ft 8.  Her entire family is short so that could be why  Chris is short. I may have left the impression that he just had a regular doctor.  He had a pediatrician until they realized he needed special attention.  They have had him to Omaha to specialists up there. but his parents does not have the money or time to run up there all the time.  They were talking about putting a feeding tube in. Must go.


jack69 said...

Don't understand Feedly's.
I hope the Spunky one can handle taking it easy for weeks.
When I was a kid my buddy's dog had a cast on it's rear and immediately walked on his front legs without any teaching.
I think Chris will be fine in his world, if allowed to be there. But that is not advice, Folks who are not 'in the kids world' cannot know.
Love from South Carolina

Chatty Crone said...

I use Bloglovin and I love it - much more user friendly and easy.

Glad Spunky is doing better.

I am so sorry about the Chris - but maybe he will just be little - see what the doctor says I guess.

Love, sandie


Looking for any Spunky news. Hope he's feeling better. I am sorry to hear about Christopher.

shirl72 said...

Luch your e-mail came through.
Glad to get the up-date on Spunky.
You will probably be busy taking
care of him. Glad everything went
OK and hope he heals fast. I know he
is wondering what did they do to me.
Will be in touch.

shirl72 said...

PS: I spelled your name wrong.
I am typing to fast and trying
to get to many things done.

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