Saturday, October 26, 2013

This is our Spunky. He uses the couch cushions on the floor and Joe fixed him up with an old comforter. He has to be so careful

When he gets home he will have to have a more reduced step up on the couch.  He is so set in his ways we know he would find a way to get up there so we  are wanting to beat him to the punch.

I am so glad he is going in .  I think we can protect him for 3 more days and nights.  We  will have to fix something with a gentle slope.  Joe has some plywood he is going to tack an old rug so he won’t slip.  Bet you will be glad when I quit going on about this.  Sorry!!  I got my e-mail to work, sort of .  It still makes me nervous. Will see if AOL still works. I clicked to reply to comments.  I changed some of my settings. Jean is frustrated with her windows 8 and Paula is with her windows 8.1.  I would say we 3 make a good trio. That Jack and Sherry are on the move again.  He sent me an e-mail after getting the address I posted.  Of course he said, “I hope your mail is going through like frogs hair.”  Did I just never noticed or is their a species of frog that has hair? He is a CHARACTER.


Paula said...

Spunky looks so comfortable in his bed. He is lucky he has you and Joe to care for him.

shirl72 said...

Spunky looks so sweet lying there
on the sofa. Bless his heart I hope
the Dr. will help and he comes
through the ordeal and back good as

Lucy I answered your e-mail and
you didn't get it. Well will try
again. That is awful I probably
don't remember what the e-mail

Jean said...

I think Spunky likes his new bed he looks so comfortable. I hope they can fix him up and he'll be much better. We had to use the new heater last night it's getting a little cooler here. Take care. Jean

Chatty Crone said...

I never get tired of hearing about Spunky. Three more days. sandie


Just take care of Spunky. That's all you can do.

jack69 said...

Good idea for the spunky one. The plywood with carpet will be good also.

Tell Joe not to try it out first!!!

Love from North Carolina for three more days.

salemslot9 said...

we have windows xp
our computer is too old
for that fancy stuff
praying for Spunky

Lisa Petrarca said...

Hi dear Lucy! It's been a long time…I was working two part-time jobs and was too pressed for time to keep up with my Blog…happy to say, "I'm back!" I wanted to check in with all my special blogging friends. So glad to see you, Joe & Spunky are doing well. Have a wonderful rest of your weekend!!

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