Sunday, October 27, 2013

One more day closer, I am like a nervous mom, as nervous as being a mom to my 5 kids

Well, I am happy to say I survived the cruddy e-mail ordeal.  Poor Shirl was on the other end of it.  No Jack my e-mail is not working as smooth as froghair.  I keep picturing a frog covered with white hair.  I have talked to many people who has the same mails as I do and they have trouble to.  So I guess it isn’t just me.  It is going to be a pretty decent day here.  I was cold last night and turned my electric blanket on. I have got to go back to my pictures in Picasa and see if they maybe have it straightened out.  I can work Gmail really good!!!  It only takes some mails.  They stopped gathering pictures because of a problem.  They were putting them in  Photo  Gallery and leave them in Picasa also.  Joe is up so better get off and take my shower.


Chatty Crone said...

Joy cometh in the Morning!


we put our electric blanket on the bed yesterday. Sounds like your email problem will resolve itself???

shirl72 said...

We had fairly decent weather today.
Last few days have been cold. One
more day before Spunky go to Vets.
Had to pick up a friend at airport.
I am so glad I am not in the business world anymore it is a rat
race. I cannot figure where all
the people are going. I guess they
are keeping our economy going.
hee hee. Have Mercy it is a busy

shirl72 said...

Lucy I tried to send another e-mail
and it failed. I used the e-mail
that you put on your blog. Wonder
what happened.

jack69 said...

I know you are concerned about the e-mail mess, but you mentioned pictures, I still do not understand about the storage and retrieval yet.

Love from here where it is getting cooler....

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