Monday, October 28, 2013

This may be short

I lost my entire entry.  I was about ready to post it.  Would you believe it was a full entry?  we worked on something to try to replace the cushions on the floor still, just have a gentle slope.  It would not make much difference but this may be 6 to 8 weeks or longer that he will need to keep him from trying to jump. He watched us struggling with that thing nearly half the day and finally took the cushions off and set it up exactly like it has been ever since he hurt his leg.  Spunky watched every move we made yesterday and he looked so disgusted.  He would not get up on that couch all night even though we had put it back exactly like it was.  He thought we ruined it.  Finally we decided to just quit yesterday.  Both of us were totally worn out.  The problem is it has to be such a slight slope for him to get up there and not put much pressure on his hind legs.  Then when he woke us up to let us know he would not get up on his couch until it was back to normal.  IT WAS BACK TO NORMAL!  He didn’t believe it.  Joe decided to let him out before we all settled back in and went out first to check for the raccoon and that darn thing was out there.  Joe chased it out and then put Spunky on a leash for good measure.  Joe is up and I smell coffee so must go for now.  We tried a dog bed not long after we got him and he came out of the bedroom with that bed by the corner and drug it all the way out to the living room and tried  to stuff  it in his toy box.



Hope surgery goes well for Spunky.

Chatty Crone said...

They just do not like changes do they?

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