Monday, October 28, 2013

I don’t have a reliable e-mail so will answer your puzzlement, Jack

Long ago I started using Picasa on Google.  Also used the modern Photo gallery.  When I was having so mush trouble  with the computer, I lost all my pictures in the photo gallery.  So I just took a chance and went to google  Picasa to see if any were still there. They are all there but I can’t get them out to post on my blog, so I click on the ones I want to be able to  post and downloaded some to Photo Gallery.  It was an excellent way to store them.  Google now seems to be charging for everything so not sure how much longer I will have it.  So far so good.


jack69 said...

I have always tried to put every thig on CD, But started using 'something' out there in outer space. I clicked what I thought was saving a picture and I saved EVERY PICTURE on my computer. Now I Have to figure how to use them if I need them.

Glad Joe check for that Coon before taking the Spunky one out.

Love from here. We hit the road in the morning..l..

shirl72 said...

I e-mailed you but guess it didn't
go through. Hope everything will
turn out OK..I will be thinking
of Spunky and will be waiting to
see how he will do. Mum the word
about we talked about it is our
secret. Will be in touch.

Chatty Crone said...

I do NOT like google+ at all - don't do it.

And Spunky's day is tomorrow - I'll say a prayer.


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