Tuesday, October 29, 2013

This day is going to so long.

  Plus getting him in the car todaY WILL BE A CHAllenge but we have a slanted wedge pillow that we use for any time trips.  Joe will not listen to me. All he has to do to help him get up the slope is put his hand under him between his 2 back legs.  The water meter man is supposed to come and change  the meter  today or some dumb thing. He was so good about not getting any treats last night.  He howled at me once and I had to run my hand along the desk and showing him it was all gone. His big brown eyes looking at me.  I got up out of bed and apologized and it was like he understood, that I truly felt bad that he couldn’t have anything.  He slept most of the day away yesterday after roaming around all night because he thought we ruined his bed.   They are so set in their ways, at least he is.  Last night I was in bed and got up waiting for Joe to come to bed  and I kept telling him it was all gone and petting him and he would look at me with his big brown eyes and I had to fight to hold back tears.  A lot of people would say that I was crazy.  I will send another blog after we know if the surgery was a success.  Jack I am not going to advise you one way or the other on your pictures.  I have had success with Picasa since I got my first computer. I don’t like igoogle either but I must say I would not have  a picture left I I hadn’t had it.  One big problem with google they are just trying to get into the markets with big competitors  and they are going to  charge  for a lot of things.  Back later.


slj said...

Best of luck to Spunky!! and you and Joe:)

shirl72 said...

Lucy I tried to answer your e-mail
and received it back saying failure
to deliver. I hope everything goes
well today. Will be waiting to hear

Chatty Crone said...

Isn't his surgery today? Best Luck! Hey have you ever gotten an email from me?

Jean said...

Maybe Spunky is through his surgery by now and I hope he's doing well. I know what you mean by the way you feel about him. I love my dogs so much and they love me. That makes me feel good when they show their love . Take care. Jean

jack69 said...

Hope all went well. One never knows the outcome of ANY surgery until it is over. Just getting here so we hope all went well.

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