Friday, November 8, 2013

Day by Day---one day at a time

I am sitting here thinking about so many things from the time my first child was born. Have no idea what brought that on.  I was more honest and more serious with my doctor than ever before.  I told him that my biggest concern was the falls and next biggest a stroke cause I have had some weird episodes with some of the falls.  I explained more in detail about how some incidents were a blank before I fell.  I have had 2 TIA’s but not fairly far apart.  I said I thought the hardest part was knowing I could have a stroke that if I lived, I would be unable to care for myself.  I said that if my mind wasn’t still fairly sharp I wouldn’t think about the future in “what if terms.”  He said “ well you are doing all you can to keep from having a stroke so lets hope you live a long healthy life.”  Enough of that.  Enjoy life , whatever it is but I just don’t want to go to a nursing home or have Joe take care of me.  That is a burden no matter how much you don’t think it will be.


I saw the nasty raccoon last night. Joe had taken Spunky out on the porch on his leash and then Joe looks out for the raccoon.  There it was sitting out there eating whatever he thought was good.  He is not very big but he is getting braver.  Joe shines the flashlight on him and he didn’t run like usual so the thing is getting bolder.  Je went out and that thing just moved a little way at a time.  Spunky can’t see it from the porch because Joe blocked the lower part of the storm window.  Joe took Spunky out and when he brought Spunky back in he went coon hunting.  Of all things to take he took the dandelion digger that has 4 sharp prongs.  He found it in a fenced area we have so the dogs wouldn’t go to close the Kuhls, my alcoholic  neighbors fence line.  Joe said  he picked up a cement block and dropped it on the coon and the thing started moving off.  So he took the dandelion digger and found the coon and tried to poke it in the head and even pinned it to the ground.  He took off and Joe was out chasing him down.   I told him next time take the sledge hammer.


Chatty Crone said...

Do you know about a Living Will, Durable Power of Attorney, and a DNR - do not resuscitate (and I don't know if that is spelled right?)

Be careful of that animal!


jack69 said...

I hope the coon has a memory, if so he won't come back.
Joe the coon hunter. I could send him my shot gun, that would take care of the coon.

Maybe animal control will bring out a trap. You could catch it and train it to be a friend of the Spunky one, then you would have two to look after. (smile)

On the serious side, I think most of us older guys have the same worries. It is good that my mama's mind went. She would have been so depressed if she knew someone was taking care of HER. But after all she had done for us, it was a small gesture to care for her, although tough on the family.
But LUCY, we do what we can, and live our lives. I say don't worry, and I smile, methinks sometimes that is impossible. LOL

Beth Niquette said...

We had coons invading the pond for weeks. They just tore everything apart and then ate most of my fish. My husband, my hero, finally put an end to the destructive habits of those critters when he put a deer fence situated low around the pond. After the first shock on the nose and wet paws--the coons left us alone. Unless, of course, the power goes out. How they can recognize that is anyone's guess. Except I think they do check out the fence from time to time. lol

Sheila Y said...

Maybe the raccoon learned his lesson and will stay away. Before our outside cat died in Mobile we would sometimes catch a raccoon eating her food at night. Our problem there was armadillos tearing up the yard. Hope you have a great weekend, Sheila

Karen Lange said...

Hoping the coon will leave you alone!

Thanks for commenting on Chatty Crone's blog. I appreciate your thoughts! It's great to meet you! :)

shirl72 said...

Well maybe Joe taught that raccoon
a lesson and it want be back.
Lucy I think we all think these
things as we grow older.

Hope Spunky is getting better each day.

We are in our twilight years and
need to live each day with out
worry. Life is not easy but we
are survivors. Hang in there Lucy.


I just hope Spunky doesn't see it again.

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