Thursday, November 7, 2013

Spunky and his battle scars. His hair is growing back a little, He knows how to relax

Spunky and his battle scar. His incision is healing but he still tries to lick it but we watch him pretty close.  Last night he was bound and determined he was going to go over, under or whatever it took to get to the foot of the bed where he sleeps in our room.  It is to tight quarters to go back there until he is healed.  We have blocked it off and he is not happy about that.  He was so persistent, last night.  He was considering going over our bed to get to his.  They shaved him from the middle of his back down to, and including the leg. He is walking on it more. I hope he knows those couch cushions will go back up when he is given the all clear to do  all he did before.  We don’t think he will ever be able to jump up there but he is a tough dog so who knows.  He will get the stitches out the 13th. I just hope all is still in place when we take him in.


I have a doctor appointment this morning at 11:15.  I already put a stew In the crock-pot.  Nothing like cutting onion at 6:00 AM  One thing about it the house smells like beef, from me browning it. It was supposed to get down in the twenties last night and 40 today.  That is cold when you are not used to going out In the cold. The sun is out but it looks cold.  Well, I am going in and sit with Spunky until Joe gets up.


jack69 said...

Good report on the Spunky one, living up to his name.

Hope all goes well at the Dr's office today.. Stay warm...

shirl72 said...

I am so glad to hear Spunky is
getting better. You know when
he make his mind up he is going
for what he wants. That is how
a son works. Hope you find everything Ok when you visit your
Dr. We are having cold weather
at night and warm during the day.
Very odd weather for winter.
Take care. Tell Spunky and Joe
Hello for me.


Happy to hear Spunky is doing better than expected.

Chatty Crone said...

Don't you wish you could just Spunky he is going to be okay and that he will be on the bed soon - that is what is hard about kids and pets. sandie

Paula said...

Hope your doctor appointment came out good today. Would you believe I actually got to wear a light jacket late this afternoon?

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