Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Dreary day so far

It is 7:30 and I just looked out the window and there are puddles standing, but it stopped raining.  Spunky will be happy to know that. It was kind of funny, after holding his urine for nearly13 hours it stopped raining.  He went out with Joe , still on a leash, not Joe, Spunky,

and we have the lower back yard rocked because nothing has grown there no mater what we did.  Our air conditioner unit is out there by the back of the house and when it has rained Spunky has always gone by the air conditioner unit.  Even after going hours with a full bladder, the only way he would go was across those rocks.  He held his bad leg up and hobbled over and did his duty.  We were a little worried at first because he was  having accidents in the house.  WE cut back his pain pills and he went right back to our well house trained dog. He was house broke when I got him at the Humane society.  He is making big strides in his recovery.  Maybe to big.  Needless to say RACCOON is a dirty word in our house.  OK, enough.

Jack our basement is dry.  Apparently we lucked out.  Joe, cleaning out the gutters, and putting extra dirt  all around and tamping it in and an extension on our gutter.  For sometime I would not have wanted him to do that.  Sometimes I think he pushes himself to far but he is a stubborn, what is it called, Paula, oh, yes bohemian.. I smell coffee.  Salemslot, I just want to say your husband is really talented after visiting your blog and seeing the finished product. When the sun comes out I will have to get a picture of the house next door since the new owner painted it.  It is for rent. or will be.  The hoarder  that has all the trash is back and is upset because the city is still on her to get rid of the trash in all of her houses.


jack69 said...

The Spunky one has his reasons. He is also looking for that 'coon. Paybacks are gonna be bad (In his mind). I guess a dog is that much human, don't know his age. LOL

Don't start on my buddy! The gutter extensions are a very good idea. BGlad the basement is dry, that can be SUPER frustrating....
Love from South CArolina for a few more days....

shirl72 said...
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shirl72 said...

Glad Spunky is getting better. If
I could see that raccoon I would
probably break its leg. Good the
basement didn't leak you don't
need that problem.

As you know Jack and Sherry are on
their way to Florida to speed the
Winter. I miss them when they are
gone, but know they will return.
Tell Spunky I am glad he is getting better...Take care of yourself.

Paula said...

Yep I'm hearing you Lucy. Glad your basement is dry. You don't need anymore problems.


Glad to hear about Spunky.

salemslot9 said...

I'll give your compliment
to my John
it'll make his day
thank you!

Chatty Crone said...

Spunky is fell of spunk - I can see why you named him that! lol Glad he is better. sandie

Sheila Y said...

Glad Spunky is doing better. One of Rylie's meds caused her to drink so much she would swell and she also had a few accidents. I was worried it was from the trauma of the injury, but she got back to normal after the meds were done. Take care, Sheila

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