Friday, November 15, 2013

Good morning everybody!!!

This is one of those days that I should have  just stayed in bed.  So fare every time I get started  I get  screwed up.  One day  at a time I keep telling myself,and then I might get more accomplished.  Our weather has turned warmer.  Supposed to be in the fifties  over the weekend.  I think I heard rain mentioned.  I have been using live writer all the time to make my blog and a note just came up telling me to get help on using Live Writer.  I don’t think it is me, I bet something got changed.  Maybe like 11 did download and  now live writer will be different.  Who knows from day to day with these computers.  Could be the operator, of the machine also!!!!  I saw on Face Book where there is a new virus going around in dogs. They have not given it a name but if the animal  is sick“is see a vet right away.  It is supposed to be deadly in a short amount of time.”Spunky and I had a talk about him not getting sick.”  Must go, and see you all later.


Paula said...

Good Morning Lucy have a nice day.

jack69 said...

The Spunk is smart, he gonna listen!!!
This is the time of year for the confused weather. We have rain here in Florida today. Today is time to check our mail, it has been a few weeks.....


Spunky has been through so much already. Let's hope this dog virus steers clear of him.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

We have had 88 degree weather every day and suddenly today it dropped. It was nice..70 today.
I hope it stays like this for awhile.
I have Mele..where is this disease for doggies happening. I have not heard of it. I don't think I could take losing Mele...I know it will happen..of course..but just please, not now. You know?

shirl72 said...

Lucy we are having rain and it is
cold. The week-end is going to
warm up. We sure have had unpredictable weather this year.
Maybe in for surprise Feb. and March with more that March winds.
Spunky looks good in the picture.
Glad he is getting better. You
can tell he is very smart. That
look shows he knows he is having
his picture made.

Jean said...

I read that to Lucy. I hope it doesn't spread. Maybe you and I are a little on the safe side since we keep our dogs in, and away from other dogs. Take care and I hope you have a nice weekend. Jean

Chatty Crone said...

Thanks for the warning about dogs - I guess you never really don't think of them as getting sick like that. Sandie

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