Thursday, November 14, 2013

Joe is going to the store today, we will be broke by night.!!!! Not quite that bad, but almost.

I am going to post 2 pictures and I am not being  overly sentimental but Dec. 21, Alan will be gone 21 years.  Hard to believe it has been that many years.scan0001Alan was standing by the horse and Connie, Larry and Ron. We didn’t know the horse was  They never understood why they had baths every night.scan0004This was his picture on his last Birthday.  We all crammed into his apartment and his friends and family surprised him.  He could not hold his head up so he braced it with his hand.  All he could do was cry and all I did was fight back tears  We had to read his birthday cards for him because his eye sight was so bad due to the MS. Joe and I picked him up from the nursing home and took him to his handicap apartment, which Ron was paying the rent out of  Alan’s disability check and finally we got a caregiver and he was ready to go home.  When this picture was taken he lived 5 more months. No one knows what the future hold’s and I guess that is for the best.  After everyone was gone but Joe and I and Ron and his wife at the time.  Alan tried to  get in the spirit and he would roll his wheel chair over the balloons and pop them.  It is so hard to watch your son die and try to put on a happy face at that time. Enough of that.  Spunky got his stitches out, yesterday and they were surprised at how well he was walking.  we took the barricade down  and he got to go to is bed at the foot of ours.  He was tired  slept all afternoon after we  got  home.

Have to end this.


shirl72 said...

Glad to read about your family.
We all live in uncertain times.
We don't understand why things
happen that we have no control.
I guess that is life so we deal
with the change.

Paula said...

You had a nice looking son and I'm so sorry you had to lose him too soon. Glad Spunky is doing well.

jack69 said...

Love the pictures and it is never a problem when visiting memory lane, even the bad times.
YOU ARE SO RIGHT WE DO NOT KNOW WHAT IS DOWN THE ROAD. It is probably best we don't.
Love you girl I hear you will be 39 soon! I did hear that.....


What a dear sweet man your son was. When you lose someone like that, you never forget.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

I lost my daughter to breast cancer this past February 22nd..
Losing ones child..this is not something one gets over..we just go on as best we can.
It's funny that I found your blog again today..because I have been thinking a lot about this not "knowing what's in front of us." With all we go through..perhaps it's best we don't know.

Chatty Crone said...

I hope you and Mona become friends you two have a lot in common - I think.

Anyway I know you loved him a lot and like Monday says you never really do get over the loss of someone. I lost my brother.

Memories are a good thing though. It is good to have them.


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