Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Warmed up last night. Not sure what it is today

I think windows  11 downloaded to my computer yesterday but not sure.  It was in the automatic downloads yesterday.  I have checked “ask me first”but they never do.  Jack I just lost a part of an entry out in cyberspace. It will try to meet up with one of yours. It is supposed to be warmer today and I would not mind that.  Not at all.  I wouldn’t want to live where it is warm year around.  Neither would I want to live where it is cold year around.  Guess I better stay where I am. I ran across some pictures on Picasa last night I forgot we had,  I have got to go back to Picasa and see where they landed.  I just finally quit and shut down.


jack69 said...

I hope our posts enjoy the reads. hahahahaha!

We are in northern Florida, but it is cool here even... Of course that is not COOOLLLDDDD!

shirl72 said...

Lucy we are having real cold weather it snowed in the mountains and some cities in NC. Someone tried to made a snow man they showed it on the news and it was hilarious, they barely got enough snow together. It look like it had been sick. hee hee

I sent you another e-mail and wondered if it came through.

Paula said...

It got cold here (well cold for us)but the sun is shinning bright now.

Jean said...

Lucy we live for enough south we still have cold weather, but it might be coat weather a few days and back to short sleeves. ha. I like cold weather so I can wear my winter clothes. Take care. jean


I would love to live somewhere warm. I hate the cold.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Sandie sent me over here to see you. She said we had some things in common..whatever the case..I immediately saw that you said that Windows 11 was downloaded to your computer. When I turned on my computer this morning..everything looked different. At first I had a difficult time getting the computer to even come said to "restart" and I did..and it took some time for it to come up. Then the entire thing..everything looks different. The bar you scroll with at the sides of each driving me crazy!! :) I guess I have to learn how to do you I just turned the thing off and walked away.
Back on this evening..better this time.
Yep..we seem to have that experience in common!!
Isn't Sandie the sweetest person?

Chatty Crone said...

I don't think there is a windows 11 - the highest is 8!

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