Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Well, it is 23 degrees this morning,  It is supposed to stay cold today and then have a warming trend. I hate to see winter come.  Now after nearly 83 years you would think I would be used to it.  I never got used to the cold or the extreme hear we can get.  As long as the air and heat work I get along just fine.  Several years ago we had a blizzard like storm the day before Halloween. It was still warm enough it was a wet snow.  It took our big beautiful pine tree out and broke tree limbs  so much we had to force our way out the back door. It was really nice that the guys that could get out from work went to fellow workers homes and helped dig  the ones with ,limbs down, out.  They cancelled Halloween cause power lines were down every where.  Sandie, Larry and Ron are my sons.  Since the oldest passed away, his name is Alan, then Larry, then Ronald, and Connie.  and then the husband that I married 3 years after our divorce  Was Martin Levi Henderson. We had one son whose name is Marty.  He got mixed up in alcohol in his teens and married young and we were very close.  As the years passed his wife who was a great lady got sick of it and divorced him.  That set him on the straight course, thank goodness.  Has had the same job for years and even if he won’t have anything to do with me, I am happy for him.  I talk to his oldest son on the phone nearly every week.  They are in Texas.  The last time I saw Marty was at Alan’s funeral.  He came back to be pall bearer after I begged him to.  After he was divorced, and sobered up, he didn’t need me.  I did all I could but finally quit after I knew he was not going to come around.  So that is the story of my life. Marty was nearly 5 when his dad died at home.  Enough.  Time to get off of here.



Chatty Crone said...

Gosh Lucy you have had an interesting life. So you have had 5 children and lost two - for which I am sorry. I am confused with your second husband - did you divorce?

If I am being too noisy tell me.


shirl72 said...

Lucy you have experience, loss,
death, divorce and alienation
from a child. I to have experience
loss and it is not easy. I think this helps us understand how life can change and not always rosy.
We just have to pull our boot straps up and keep on climbing up the mountain. We will finally reach the top."YOU GO GIRL".

jack69 said...

I always enjoy stories of your life. You can tell it well also.

Love you girl, hope the weather warms up and stays, just to surprise you!!!!

Paula said...

Stay warm Lucy and keep healthy. We're into a little cold spell (probably just cold to us).

Beth Niquette said...

Oh, my...you have had such pain and grief in your life. ((hugs)) I pray for joy to fill your heart with warm sunshine. ((hugs)) You are so very dear, Lucy.

Beth Niquette said...

It was nice today--in the low 60's--but tomorrow it is supposed to rain and sog. (sigh)

You could send some of that snow over to the Mid-Willamette Valley in Oregon. lol ((hugs)) (grin)


What a life you've had, Lucy. It was only 32 degrees here for our high.

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