Monday, November 11, 2013

Jack, joe got a kick out of the joke.  I did to.  It is 37 here and supposed to drop to 14 tonight.  Winter must be here. 2 men are shingling the roof on the renovated house next door.  It is windy and cold.  Can you imagine being on the roof in this weather??  I guess I am going to my daughters for Thanksgiving.  Spunky can’t be left alone and I was just going to stay home and fix a sort of Thanksgiving dinner but Joe said go, just bring him home some food.  I really feel bad for Connie.  Ron’s wife will have a dinner for the family but  she seldom offers.  Connie loves having us all but she wears out to.  I told her I would have it but the mind says yes but the body isn’t willing. She said  no way am I to do it.  The fall took it’s toll, I can tell.  Not about to give up though.  I am for this day though.  Be back bright and early tomorrow.


shirl72 said...

Lucy that is a cute joke about
Spunky that Jack put on his blog.
My friends will be getting together for Thanksgiving and I will be appointed to the Turkey dressing that is my job. Glad Joe will keep Spunky while you enjoy a Thanksgiving Dinner with family. Don't want Spunky to have a set-back. Bring Joe some food.
Take care.


It's nice to know what your Thanksgiving plans are going to be.

Chatty Crone said...

Who is Ron? Connie? How nice of your husband to let you go on and just bring him home a plate - and don't forget to bring home some to Spunky too! sandie

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