Friday, November 22, 2013

Little amount of Snow but colder than hades

I do hope that all of you Texan’s and warm state people, like Florida are content and comfortable.  It is cold and snow and slick.  Had freezing lite rain before the snow started coming down.  Spunky said it was cold on his shaved hip.  Joe would take him out on the leash and he would go a few feet from the sidewalk and do his thing.  It took Joe nearly all day to get him to do the complete package.  When he comes in his shaved hip feels cold.  Joe is up and I need a shower so I am going to cut this short and be back later.


shirl72 said...

Spunky needs a coat. If I still
had Chancy's coat I would sent
it to him. She had it when we
were transferred to Maryland, we
had snow and it was cold.

Our weather here is in the 60's but
getting cold tomorrow and snowing
in the Mountains. about 60 miles
from here.


Spunky needs a sweater. Cold and miserable here too.

jack69 said...

Spunky don't need no coat nor sweater. YOu need to teach him to use the commode. LOL

Okay it is nice and warm here 72 now, BUT I promise I ain't gonna enjoy it. hahahahahahahahah

Linda said...

You have a lovely blog. We haven't had snow here in Montreal as yet...well, perhaps a few flakes, but nothing to show for.

Paula said...

It's 41* here tonight and we think it's cooold.

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