Saturday, November 23, 2013

It is cold but not snowing.

I hope it clears  and no more till after Thanksgiving.  T will hibernate then until Christmas.  Jack that is a bit of stretching the truth when you say you won’t enjoy your warm Temps. Just don’t let a sink hole swallow you up. I would have no one  to hassle me, and I would be broken hearted if  you didn’t give me a hard time.  Joe is going to stay home with Spunky.  The vet told us he can not be left alone for nearly 4 more weeks. One of the grandkids will come and get me.  We will never ever put him in a kennel here at home.  We did that the first year we had him. That was a mistake.  He almost had 3 of the wires chewed through.  The door to the cage  was so bent and chewed up we barely were able to open it to let him out.100_0010He is one spoiled dog.  Joe said “we will have to leave the cushions to the couch as they are there, his personal ramp”, and I said “no we will figure something else out but when the vet says he is good to go, I want my couch back.”  Jack, I do have a picture of you greeting Spunky behind my chair.  Sherry must have taken it.  I never have a working camera.


Paula said...

It's cool here today for Texas. We'll see how long it lasts.

jack69 said...

I think you left the door open, the cool air is drifting South. When you get a chance CLOSE THE DOOR!

Glad the spunky one is continuing to get better. I know you guys will be relived when he recovers completely.
Love from down here....

shirl72 said...

Lucy my Brother love to keep you going it keep you strong. I remember
you were the first person he had
me blog with when he got me set
up on the computer. I feel like
I know you, Joe and Spunky..When
we had to travel we didn't leave
Chancy with a Vet. they were afraid she would have a heart attack. So family would come and keep her. She was so funny she learned how to sneeze for a treat. They are just like children. Tell your son hello and hope he will soon be all better bless his sweet heart. Lucy take care of yourself.

Chatty Crone said...

It that a picture of all the snow you have????

My goodness. And yes that dog is spoiled and so is Disco.

Did you just see Jack?


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