Saturday, November 9, 2013

Supposed to be fairly nice until Tues. Then turning even more cold. Like winter is coming

 Now is the time to get this written.  First off I had to tell you how Normal Spunky is slowly getting back to.  He had to go out about 3:00 AM.  He has not been able to let us know because of his leg.  Of course, he would go sit  in front of the door until we opened it, for him and Joe hooked the leash on and takes him out. Last night for the first time since he hurt his leg, he scratched on the door.  Joe got up, put his pants over the PJ bottoms, coat, cap, shoes and leash and off they went, after checking for raccoons,. It was not there.  He got over going out at night  if we can just  keep him on a routine.  I noticed before we went to bed he was restless.  He had been out with Joe and thought he did his,duty so we thought  He gets his stitches out the 13.  A week  from today I will turn 83  I have made a vow after reading Chatty’s blog yesterday, guess it cheered . Me up.  I decided I will be as old as my dad when I die.  He was 97. He was sharp in his mind and seemed physically, pretty good.  He did have mini strokes and he would walk around the living room with his hand curled, like he had a glass or a beer in his hand.  He left his cane behind.  He always talked to his brother, who was dead, but during these spells  he  would laugh and apparently so did John. It was a happy time for him. The next day he was wiped out.  That was in the last 6 months of his life. His death certificate reads old aGE as the cause of death..Mom and dad both died at home and my 2 sisters were the main ones to care for him when he did reach the time when he could get out of bed and go to the bathroom with their help, but other than that  he just laid in bed and slept most of the time.  I had my brood of kids and they only had one each, and the kids were older.  OOPS, I think I am rambling. 


Paula said...

Lucy with your attitude you will live to a ripe old age. Blogville isn't through with you yet. CHEERS!


Longevity runs in the family. I hope you live forever, Lucy.

Jean said...

Lucy I'm so glad that spunky is doing well. I have out lived my mom and dad by a few years and two of my sister's, three of my brothers. My oldest sister was 84 when she passed away a few years ago and my brother was 80. I'm the only one left. I know you will you're doing great. Take care. Jean

jack69 said...

Good post. I hope you love to 97+ and I am here to aggravate you and keep your juices going.

Good to hear the Spunky one is improving daily.

PS: I hope I laugh and talk to my brothers and sisters. That would keep you smiling...

shirl72 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
shirl72 said...

Will try again. Lucy I misspell
some words.

Lucy you will live to be 100 as
long as you have Jack around to
heckle you.

Glad Spunky is doing better. I sent
you an e-mail saying glad Joe found out that everything came through OK.

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