Sunday, November 10, 2013

I have no idea if this will post or not.  E-mails are screwed up again Shirl.  So I didn’t get  the email you sent last. I have never tried to write my blog on MSN.  Didn’t know I was till this popped up  Of course it could not be my mistake????  As long as it gets to my fellow bloggers, that is ok.  It said my e-mail to my daughter did not go through.  I was asking her to call me tonight.   I just got a message from her she would call me tonight.  These e-mails are something else.  Has been working fine and screwed up today. I agree, as long as Jack is around to hassle me I will probably live to be 100.  Jean, I had  5 brothers and 3 sisters and I am the only one left also.  Of course I was the baby of the family and definitely not planned.  Mom lived to 79 and died of cancer.  So I think longevity  is in my family.  3 of my brothers died fairly young.  But each of  them had a health problem. My sisters all lived to their late seventies and one 80. Spunky is doing to well.  Even though Joe has him on a leash I think Joe needs to be the boss right now.  He said Spunky just zapped up those steps outside. I know there is only 2 but he is not supposed to do steps yet. and I have told him, Joe that is, he is taking a chance on doing that because we don’t know what is going on inside.  He said  “Spunky wanted to go there to go potty.”  I said  he has a lot of yard to go to without steps.  But Joe thinks Spunky can do whatever he wants.  Night before last Spunky just came out to the couch and went to bed.  Last night he was going  to climb over the barricade to get to his spot at the end of the bed.  To think we have at least 5 more weeks to attempt to keeping him quiet.  He will be able to do more I think once he gets the stitches out.


Paula said...

Hope you're having a nice Sunday Lucy. We've already been to the ranch and took a long way home down a country road. Now I should be doing some housework, but where am I?

jack69 said...

Joe will take care of the Spunky one, he thinks it is his SON. LOL
I gotta cartoon to use about the Spunk one of these days.
Take care and YOU be careful yourown self.
Love from South Carolina....


Five weeks is a long time to keep Spunky in check. Hang in there.

shirl72 said...

Glad to hear Spunky is doing better
I know he is getting tired dealing
with a sore leg. Glad Joe is
keeping him on a leash. I am still
raking leaves. We are suppose to
have bad weather Tuesday, rain and
maybe snow flurries. I don't believe it maybe rain. Will try
your e-mail again later.

Chatty Crone said...

Okay I am sorry you are having problems again, but I got this blog free and clear.

I'm glad Spunky is showing some spunk!


jack69 said...

I posted the cute cartoon of Spunky, but the alerts are lost in cyber space. surprise huh?

jack69 said...

I put your e-mail out in the mail box and raised the flag! LOL

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