Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving is nearly here

I have to cook  cranberries to take to my Daughter’s tomorrow.  I have a bunch of celery I have to clean. I have a turkey we got from using our Russ’s card  and I will probably save it till Christmas.  We are supposed to go to Cortland to Ron and Kathy’s for Christmas.  I know Joe is going to object because of the age of our car.  His behavior has changed, or maybe I mean personality.  I remember when both of us drove clunkers and thought nothing of driving anywhere.  Now he will say , if even a hint of snow is expected, I  “am not going out in that.”   With his Dr. appointment yesterday, he said all week if it snows I will cancel my appointment. I finally said “you have got to stop being so negative”.  So many things he says now is not the Joe I knew even 2 years back.  He does have to go a quite a ways on a busy highway but it doesn’t bother me to drive it.  He talks about the tractor and trailers that are on them.  He has never been worried about them before.  I am hoping I am imagining things but after having a sister that died of Alzheimer's it worries me.  Not living in her home, I didn’t notice a difference until it became quite obvious.  Her husband just could not do anything with her so baby sister stepped in.  Yep that was me. By the time I realized how bad she was, she needed  some kind of medical help.  Didn’t  mean to  get carried a way and will stop now.  I  am going to just stop Joe in his tracks with some of his ideas.  Him staying home with Spunky tomorrow is normal. He has never liked family gatherings, but has gone to please me.  Well maybe not to please me but to shut me up.  By Christmas it may be  that Spunky can be left alone.  That will be about 8 weeks, since surgery.  Shirl, don’t worry about Spunky not getting some turkey.  He will and when his limit is up he will howl at me.  He lifts his nose in the air just like a wolf and  his eyes get a wild look and he howls and never takes his eyes off of me.  I better be getting off of here.  Joe will be getting up and I will head for the shower.


shirl72 said...

Hope you got my e-mail. As we are getting older is not easy. Many
things we think about never entered our mind when we were young. It is scary being on the road in today's
world. Crazy drivers out there.

That Spunky is funny he keeps you
on your toes...Way to go Spunky.

shirl72 said...

PS: Hope you have a HAPPY
THANKSGIVING DAY. I have so many things to be thankful for I am thankful for your friendship.
Continue Happy Blogging.

jack69 said...

The only contact we have with cranberries is Cranberry sause. LOL

I can see this thing with Spunky's leg lasting at least until April/May NOT BEING ABLE TO BE LEFT ALONE. LOL (Or that would probably be my thinking if I was Joseph! hahaha

Hope you have a great Thanksgiving, this is a good time of the year. But I too have a little aversion to crowds, like Joe.
Love from Florida....



Forty Pound Sack said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Hope the snow stays away so you can enjoy your get-together :)

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