Tuesday, November 26, 2013

It is supposed to be colder today.

I have got one ear plugged up.  I feel lopsided, but that won’t stop me from getting my hair done.  Then Joe goes to the heart team after I get home. I think I mentioned it before in my blog.  I have to tell you Spunky likes to lay crosswise on the couch with his head on the cushions that he walks on to get to his bed.  Last night we were watching tv and my chair is close to the cushions.  He was sound asleep and had been dreaming  and he gets carried away when he dreams.  Finally he settled down and went to sleep, sound.  I check on him every so often and I looked and  he had slid  down with all of his dreaming.  I told Joe, he was going to slide off on his head.  A short time later I heard a kind of rukus coming from that area and he was sliding  and he was trying to stay on the couch.  I grabbed his collar because he was trying to get his back legs under him and I knew he was going to have a hard time getting his rear legs under him and I didn’t want him to put all that pressure on his bad leg..  So I finally convinced him to come down.  It was funny because once he was down he looked up at his couch/bed like “how did that happen”.  So he just dropped to the floor in position for me to give him a little rub down.  After a while I looked and he was back up on his couch/bed with his head on the cushions he walks up to get to his bed.  I looked over there a little while later and he was slowly inching down again.  It was close to bedtime so I just kept an eye on him until time for all of is to take our night time meds, including him.  He has found out how much more comfortable the couch is and just ignores  the area where he used to sleep at the foot of our bed.  I hope he knows that couch is MINE.  Joe has already given it to him.   By night time he limps more.  Shirl, he will get some Thanksgiving dinner.  I am going to bring a plate for Joe and a plate for Spunky.  I told him what you said, and he is glad you are on his side.  He is spoiled rotten.  We just had one night of driving carefully because of ice.  We got off  so easy compared to Texas and Texas was really bad.  I will have to call my grandson that calls me every weekend.


shirl72 said...

Our weather is bad raining and
very cold some places around has
ice. Glad you are going to take
care of my friend for Thanksgiving.
Hope you are able to go to beauty shop and Joe gets his Dr's. app. done. If Spunky doesn't get a
big plate for Thanksgiving I hope
he howls at you..hee hee

Jean said...

Good morning Lucy, It's raining here this morning and will turn cold tonight. I had to get up twice to let Jett out and he wouldn't go in the rain. Now I'm awake and can't go back to sleep. ha. Have a safe trip to get your hair done. Jean

jack69 said...

O holy day! Hair fixing time... The Joy of woman hood. I declare y'all go crazy about beauticians. (smile)

I had to laugh at Paula when she wass remembering when you ladies were hooked up under those machines and couldn't get out incase of fire...

I could see you running dragging the machine behind you.

Anyway I am sure Spunky was on a rabbit's trail (maybe a sorry coon!) Love from Florida, Use the hair dryer on the door and unfreeze it. GET IT CLOSED! I still feel the cold breeze.

Have fun with your hair dresser and hope all goes well for Joe.

Beth Niquette said...

Your description of the pup's slow slide made me smile this morning. lol It is cold and foggy here. (sigh) Ah, I'd love a bit of that snow to head our way.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your dear ones, including Spunky! (grin)


How sweet that Spunky will get his Thanksgiving plate.

Paula said...

Spunky needs his own blog. lol. It's cold here in south Texas but no snow flurries or ice. I'm going farther north tomorrow and even farther Thursday so it may be more then I am used to as far a weather goes.

Chatty Crone said...

Spunky is spoiled and of course he needs a Thanksgiving dinner - we had ours Sunday and Disco had his!

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