Monday, November 25, 2013

It is cold again but here, our weather is supposed to be a little warmer by Thanksgiving.

Sorry Jack, the doors are froze open.  You are just going to have to live with  the balmy weather.  When it drops below zero they will be  thawed and I will open them a little wider so that you can cool down from your hot weather.  Go to this blog and look at the picture’s I posted.  The biggest snow we have had until that time, was when I was a kid on the farm but you didn’t notice it as much as in the city.  Halloween was canceled because of the downed power lines.  We were without  electricity for a week.  Now, that is roughing it!!!  Shirl thank you for the thought of giving Chauncy’s coat to Spunky.  He doesn’t waste any time getting the job done and back in.  Since he is supposed to be fairly quiet I guess it is good that he comes back in.  I hear Joe getting up so I am going to take my shower.  Guess what, he just went back to bed. I get my hair  trimmed tomorrow and Joe goes out to the heart team in the afternoon.  They are monitoring the new device they put in, but even at that, he gets good reports.  I swear I think it is spiting snow very lightly.  Bad storm’s already this year..  Well I am going to go get my shower regardless of Joe getting his beauty sleep.


jack69 said...

About the door, try harder to close that sucker, the wind is up bringing it down here. We were down into the 60's. LOL

Glad the spunky one is a speedy dude!
Love from Florida.....

shirl72 said...

Looking at the snow makes me
cold. We are having real cold
weather and maybe some flurries
Thanksgiving Day. If that happens it will not be good for everybody's plan. Our weather has been unpredictable this year.

Hope Spunky is still improving. Be sure and let him have some of
Thanksgiving Dinner. He has been
a good boy and through a lots
with his surgery he deserves a
good treat.

Beth Niquette said...

It is so sunny here...cold enough to snow, but sunny and dry. I am still wishing for snow--but am doubtful as always that it will appear.

Have a lovely day, my sweet Friend!


everytime I see your photos of the snow in your header I cringe. Hoping the snow passes us by this week.

shirl72 said...

Lucy I e-mailed you hope you
it can through.

Chatty Crone said...

Lucy it looks to cool there for me!

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