Tuesday, November 5, 2013


I am clean, fed and back to my computer .   I am writing this on IE and it is so different.If I click one thing different on here and I am lost. It is pouring rain outside.  Supposed to be snow in the western to mid state area.  I hope they don’t let it come any farther than where it is right now. Afraid to turn on the weather.  The weather man said last night that if we got all rain here we would be really soaked.  Guess we could be soaked.  Spunky has improved even more.  He was so doped up on pain pills before he was just flat out sleepy and confused.  We have him down to 2 pain pills a day and he is getting around much better.  He still thinks he can push his rear under the railing on our bed.  He sleeps over by me and he did that last night.  Will block that off tonight. Since his surgery he has to work to get his rear up and with him being just a little under the railing it was harder for him to get up. I want to thank everyone that has been so patient with me for talking about him so much.  He is our boy, like a child to us.  He also has a half a shaved rear. I am going to post this and see where it goes. I have never had a link in mine before.  I didn’t put that there.  Shirl, Jack and Sherry I hope you all are where it is nice weather.



Chatty Crone said...

I love to hear news on Spunky - and love his name - especially when it is good news!

shirl72 said...

So glad Spunky is feeling better.
I sure he will be glad when he
gets back to normal. This has
been an ordeal for him.

We have cold weather 30 in the mornings and warm in the afternoon. The leaves are doing their job of
falling everyday. Hope you are taking care of yourself.

Paula said...

So glad to hear Spunky is doing better. Hope he keeps improving everyday. For once we are having fairly good weather for a while. Not too hot and not too cool.

jack69 said...

We have good weather. A little rai awhile ago but it is gone. Glad Spunk is gaining strength. If the basement stays dry you will be very fortunate and Joe will have done a good job.
Nite from South Carolina.


That is good news about Spunky. Hope the weather where you're at improves.

salemslot9 said...

hi Miss Lucy
I received your email
sent you a reply
just letting you know
because you said that
you were having problems
with your email
glad to hear
Spunky is 'spunky' ;)

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