Sunday, December 1, 2013

Emergency yesterday,Motor went out on our blower on the furnace. Thank god for Service Guard

It is so good to be back in a normal routine.  Proves I am old and set in my ways. I woke up with an earache and sore throat today.  Seems I am getting them more often. Also thank god the weather was warm. Sort of warm.

Shirl and all,  THE BLANKETY BLANK RACCON IS NOT DEAD.  IT SHOWED UP LAST NIGHT.  Joe attacked it with his trusty dandelion digger but did not get it. I told him he needed something stronger than that with a long handle.  He disappeared for a while and then came up and showed me his weapon.  It is a very sharp old knife taped to a long handle. I told him if he could pin the coon to the ground or against anything it would probably kill him.  Spunky saw him but Joe had  a firm grip on Spunky’s collar, and took him in the house.  This next thing involving Spunky was that last night Joe took Spunk out at 10:00 and we went to bed, and at 12:30  Spunky scratched to go out.  Joe got up, got dressed and Spunky came in and went to bed at the foot of the bed.  I think he woke up got up and got a drink and thought it was time to go out.  He went back to bed and he has not wanted out yet this morning. Joe got undressed and back to bed. When it comes to Spunky he  has patience.  I would like to buy for the 2babies and Chris but they have everything under the sun, and I need some things.  Cut this short and go see if my  begging my son in Tx. to allow me in or connect with him.  I have been doing fine and then he recorded him talking to his dog and the voice broke me.  I am going to make comments today. Meant to yesterday, but the furnace blower went out and that was a pain to get someone out yesterday.


jack69 said...

I sure am glad that the motor went out while it is fairly early in the winter.
Joe and the coon, gonna be a move one day!!!
Love from Florida

Jean said...

I look for our furnace to go out, but so far it's still working close to fifty years, we had the gas man to come light the pilot light and he said it was doing okay. It's in a closet in our hallway out of any weather I keep it cleaned and the dust blowed out hoping it will hang on. Ha.


That rotten raccoon back to cause trouble. Thought it was gone for good. Too bad it returned.

Paula said...

Glad you got your furnace fixed. It is hard to find someone in this town to fix things. My daughter's was out upstairs the night before Thanksgiving so I slept with a jacket on besides all the cover. She is north of San Antonio, colder then here

shirl72 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
shirl72 said...

Lucy I made some mistakes and had
to delete.

Glad you got the furnace fixed.
You don't need anymore worries.
I wish Joe had a gun so he could
shoot the raccoon. It has caused
enough trouble for Spunky.

We are having warm weather right
now and the Christmas Parade is
next week not going to attend
this year.

Chatty Crone said...

Oh my gosh your life is sounding like our week! It has been rough. I hope you got your motor going!!! I hate the raccoon came back. Stay warm and loved! sandie

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