Monday, December 2, 2013

I truly believe I am going to be ready to check out when my time comes.

Maybe it is because I coughed all night. But I got into an area on FB where It blew my mind that people could be so hateful and claim to be Christians. Anyway, I left.  But it left me disillusioned, about  the human race, with the exception of  my fellow bloggers. I am already making mistakes galore.  My fingers are not finding the right keys.  Spunky was restless to.  Joe said Spunky saw the raccoon and was geared to go after him again.  Joe said he held him down and got him in on the porch.  We can’t shoot the thing.  No shooting in the city limits, but Joe will get him with his trusty knife.  Remember when I said that Joe said. “HE THOUGHT THE RACCOON WAS KIND OF CUTE”, he lost that idea real fast when the coon just sat and stared at him.  Joe said,  “I will get him and stick him with my knife and he won’t get another dog hurt.”

I am sure glad we have Service Guard with the gas co.  That call on Fri. and the motor will be paid with service guard.  Also I got the new stove and had numerous calls on all of our appliances, so it pays for itself.  No one could believe it when I got my stove replacement.  If they can’t repair it they replace it.

The weather is supposed to get much colder by Wed. morning.  Joe is up so shower time.


Chatty Crone said...

What site were you on that was hateful - I have never seen any.

I hope you do get the raccoon.

And my fingers don't type as fast as they used too.

Sounds like you may have cabin fever already!


jack69 said...

The continuing saga of Joe and the Coon! Hope the situation takes care of itself soon. Of course The Spunky one wants to chase the sucker, He B a Beagle. LOL
Take care and live your life. I just get lost on Facebook myself... I don't understand the circles. I think of the joke about the circle flies.
Love fromFlorida

shirl72 said...

I am not FB person I may go to see
some pictures of family. Lucy
received you card and it was nice
Thank you. We have to live our
life the best we can and hope it
is right. My saying today is "The
World is up-side down". We are
living in a different World today.

I bet Spunky wanted to go after that raccoon and teach it a lesson. I hope Joe can get it so
it want cause more trouble. It
has caused enough.


I hope Spunky stays safe.

Paula said...

We have summer here today and then winter is coming back this weekend or before.

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