Sunday, December 29, 2013

I think we got moved to the North Pole during the night

It was 60 degrees yesterday and last night a strong wind came up.  It howled all night and still get gusts.  Last I heard it was supposed to drop to 7 degrees.  Since the furnace has been running a lot I would say it did.    Will look later.  I concocted one recipe that seemed to work.  I took left over turkey and cubed it and used plenty of it and I had left over green Beans  with  cream of mushroom soup and canned onion bits around the top, cut celery up and onion.  Put a can of cream of chicken soup and raw rice. Baked it at 345 degrees for one hour.  It was good but I never know  until we eat it.  I cooked the bones and carcass of the turkey and froze the turkey stock and meat off the carcass and bones.  Not quite sure  how that will turn out.  I was on my feet for a quite a while and I am paying for it since yesterday at about 6 o’clock My body,was screaming at me.  Now this morning my hips and lower back is still telling me  I should have sat down but you can only do so much  cooking and sitting down.  The bad part of it is that sleeping just makes it more painful.  Oh well, I am still moving around.  I will be grateful for that.  Well Joe is up and I need a shower.  I probably will freeze.  IT IS COLD EVEN IN THE HOUSE.  I have been trying to get it down to Florida.  Shirl that package was Spunky opening the other treat bag you sent him.


jack69 said...

That turkey left over concoction sounds DELICIOUS! And I bet it was. Yep you don't do much cooking sitting down, U B rite.
Stay bundled up and warm, you could hug a fat Beagle, If he will let you!!

Love from Florida

Forty Pound Sack said...

Cold here, too, Lucy, after a gorgeous day yesterday. We are expecting single digit high temps with lows well below zero for about a week. The worst is the wind. Hopefully it won't snow, but we're supposed to have that, too ~

shirl72 said...

My comments just disappeared.
I love to see Spunky opening his
present he is doing a good job.

Now since the rush is over maybe
you can sit down and rest. I
put something together almost
like you but used Chicken.

We had such hard rain last night
my yard is still wet. Well we
have New Years Eve coming and then
we can start all over on a New Year.

Chatty Crone said...

You use all of that turkey don't you? That is a great thing. I never thought about using the bones.

It is cool here, but not cold this week. I don;t think I own a heavy winter coat. Sorry.

And that casserole sounded good.


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