Monday, December 30, 2013

Putting Christmas away till next year

I sewed one of Spunkys toys up and I do not sew for any one else.  Mainly cause I do not like to sew and let’s face it, I barely can sew a straight line.  My daughter is so crafty and can sew beautifully.  Shirl I have a picture of my gift from my daughter that Spunky really thought was his.  He howled at me while I was unwrapping it.  It was just a crafty owl that a lady at her work makes.  Now he got mad and went in the bedroom because he thought we were  opening presents and we were putting Christmas stuff away.  He makes us feel so guilty.  He is limping a little more than he was for a while so we have not been practicing  the couch routine.PC300041This is the owl  he wanted.  Her howled and howled at me.  It is made of gunny sack material only a lot more flimsy.  Can you imagine the mess we would have had if he had got ahold of it.  He always looks at me like I am to blame for everything so I played with him for a while.  We were just talking about putting the rest of the owls we had away since I had a collection for a while but will wait for a while.  Things that were fun are not as fun anymore since we creak everytime we move.


jack69 said...

Sounds like a lot of howling going on around Lucy & Joe's house. Good entry. Like the owl. Yeah it is about time here to start putting up things and getting ready to move alos. Love from Florida

Paula said...

It seems as we get older we get tired of our collections. I once collected Avon bottles. Finally got rid of all of them except the ones shaped like girls. Even have those put away though.


LOVE the owl.

shirl72 said...

I thought Spunky would think every
present was his after he got to
unwrap some. That is funny the
howling. Spunky knows how to get
your attentions..Hope You, Joe
and Spunky have a Happy New Year.

Chatty Crone said...

We women are strong because we always are the scape goats! lol

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