Friday, December 6, 2013

Joe will be getting up soon

I have been wasting time fooling around with my blog. Trying to get rid of Shabby Blog but no luck so far. I am  not good at doing that.  Sheila  has the cutest blogs.  Jean comes in second and of course Sandie’s is really interesting.  I could never do all the things she does.  Paula has some really interesting pictures. Jacks is “down to business”.  Then there is me, hacking along. I have tried the Hotmail style where it looks like the ones we used to have. I just may have to go back to that but must not rush into anything, mainly cause I would have as disaster.  On that note will go take a shower.


jack69 said...

You always do a great job with your 'fooling around'(with the blog of course, lol) It looks good. Mine stays the same cause I am afraid to change stuff it might all disappear... hahahaha
Love to Spunk and JOe, oh , and YOU of course..... (smile)

Chatty Crone said...

Now usually and I usually - when you go to the page set up = the first pone of the right is where your background is.

Lucy you cut yourself down too much - I think you are doing GREAT!

I get very frustrated tooo sometimes.

Love, sandie

Jean said...

Lucy you're doing great with your blog I like the way you have it set up. The last time I tried a new front on mine my virus protection I have on the desk top wouldn't let me so I went to the laptop. I might have done the wrong thing, but so for I'm okay. Lol. It's hot and windy here today and I do need to get out and go grocery shopping. Take care. Jean


LUCY your blog is wonderful. You do a great job.

Paula said...

You always have a pretty design on your blog. We're cold but no snow to shovel. Thank goodness because I don't have grandsons here like you do. Stay warm!

shirl72 said...

I'm late tonight been busy doing
nothing..Our weather is 73 and tomorrow will be in the 50s, Ice and snow in the mountains. Our weather
is so unpredictable this season.
I have a few more leaves to rake,
and then I will call my yard man
do clean up.

Tell Spunky and Joe hello and hope
Spunky is getting better each day.
I gets so mad when I think about
that raccoon causing Spunky this pain.

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