Saturday, December 7, 2013


It is 3 below zero.  Not fit for man nor beast.  It is supposed to snow but they are saying it is supposed to be “light and fluffy” and not much.  I do not trust our weather.    Hope they are right that it will be easy to get it off.  We have a handy broom.  Spunky reached the 10th week of recovery. He is doing well and putting more weight on it every day.  He will always have a limp but much less than before he had surgery.  Joe is still taking him out on a leash at night in case the raccoon is lurking in the dark somewhere.  Joe flashes the light all over the yard.  During the day I think we could let him out alone.  He knows it is cold and  wastes no time doing his duty and coming right back in. We are supposed to go to Kathy and Ron’s for Christmas on the 22nd.  I told him we may not come with our old car.  Would not want to break down on the highway.  We could get a ride with one of the kids but I hate to admit this but when I reach a certain point, I need to come home and I know it.  About 15 minutes at a time of being on my feet fixing a meal is about all I can handle.  That last fall took it’s toll on the then 82 year old body.  Especially my back.  It was screwed up already and that put the icing on the cake.  Sometimes I can push it to 30 minutes if I can even sit down  for a minute or 2.  Joe does great doing dishes and keeping the kitchen clean.  HE DOES NOT COOK.  Bad part of not going to any of the kids is they blame Joe and it isn’t always Joe.  After the fall, the way things went, even I felt Joe did not react like a caring husband.  I still have my doubts as to why he did not hear  Gary yelling for him, but I do not tell my kids that.  I guess when I was yelling his name the other day cause he was out and Spunky wanted out  and I wanted to have Joe come and get him on the leash and take him out for a while.  He finally came in and when he said he heard me, he was just by the garbage can, I said why didn’t you answer me.He said he didn’t want to yell.  I let it go but I think it is going to be brought back up.  He needs to respond..  I just do not understand the bohemian culture.  He  is so weird . I asked him if  the word, “Sorry” was ever used in his home.  He would not answer but I do know  there was little love shown in that house.  Thanks for allowing me to vent.  From now on I will try to be “ho, ho, ho, Merry Christmas.”


jack69 said...

I can easily understand wanting your own car to leave when YOU know it is time. Depending on someone else throws you thinking about them, etc.

I have known incidences in seniors lives the someone did not react as the other felt they should. One of the reasons I know was the other person didn't really know 'WHAT to do' so they let someone handle the initial problem, then they were there. One never knows.
We just cannot read the other persons mind. I know we wish we could sometimes... hhahaha

Paula said...

Aww Lucy we don't mind if you vent, better do it here then get into a fuss at home. I'm like you I prefer to be able to leave when I want but we can't always do that now days as to where all our kids live. Stay warm and yes after hearing your temps I feel warmer. lol

shirl72 said...

I am sorry about your cold weather. Sheila and I have not started dancing so it is not our fault. We will start soon for snow in our area.I am tap dancing this year. Sheila thinks you were
on your steps doing a no-snow
dance when you fell. So stay off
you steps...

OK Ready get on your mark and we
will dance together and HO HO HO
and bring Santa in on the dance.
We can dance around Joe and put him in a good mood. After dance
vent all you want keeps
you young.


I understand about your back and legs getting tired and needing to go when you want.

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