Sunday, December 8, 2013

We have Snow, not much and it looks light and maybe easy to blow off or Sweep

It warmed up to 17 during the night.  We are supposed to get light snow most of the day and a heat wave, high of 19 expected.  I am going to get some feedback from my family when I tell them I am pretty sure I  am not going to Cortland for Christmas.  I thought about it a lot and the more I think on it the more  it makes sense. I know it seems to them that I am making excuses but spend one day in my body, they would know why I need to be  more  in my own home where I can go sit down when necessary.  I was wrong when I said Spunky was about 10 weeks along in his healing.   It will be 8 weeks the 24 of this month. He doesn’t like the cold weather when he stands on it outside.
My grandson in Tx. called me last night.  He is so funny.  He asked me what the temperature was and I said  I thought it was about 10.  He said it was only 17 there.  He made a video of his dogs playing in the snow and they were having a ball. He said he cleaned the snow off his porch and all was good.  Then he went out a little later to get the dogs in and the porch had iced up and  it being a small porch he fell on the ice he could not see and went off the porch.  He said he really thought his 2 dogs were laughing at him.  He has a girl friend only he calls her his lady friend.  I think she is good for him.  She works at a truck stop  across the street and down a ways from his work place. She is older than he is but  so what.  I could never have made my marriage work had I not been older than Joe.
I think I forgot to tell you that they finally got the house next door that they bought for back taxes plus a little more.  I don’t know if you noticed it Jack and Sherry but it was a big green   horrible looking house.  Barb, the lady that had stoves and refrigerators and barbed wire in a big ball and a whole yard full of junk lost it to back taxes.  The guy that bought it has been working on it for about 6 months. It is his business and I think he makes darn good money and has help  that he seems to trust and most of them work for him, probably fairly cheap.  Some are retired.  One guy is always wrapped up in layers of clothes and is so skinny, but he works steady. He is in his seventies.  In fact he, the one that bought it, saw me fall that day and it was him that sat me up on the side walk and gave me a hanky to stop the blood and kept ringing our door bell trying to get Joe.  Any way if it ever warms up enough and if the new camera works that I do not have yet but hope to get from Santa I am going to take a picture of it and see if I can find one before he bought  it.  He put a lot of work in it and it is yellow and has brown trim and I saw a for rent sign go up. last Saturday.  Every one that sees it  finished does a double take.
I better close this book.  Shirl, you and Sheila  better stop plotting against me.  I was doing a NO Snow dance and something from North Carolina interfered and made me fall  I only know you and Jack and Sherry and Sheila that live in North Carolina, so my detective type mind figured out that this rock with North Carolina on it, was sabotage. My spell is stronger than yours.  That comment just made me laugh.  It is fun.


Chatty Crone said...

Okay - you are going thru a heat wave there! LOL

And Spunky is 8 weeks now. He will be able to get around soon.

And I would go to Christmas where ever you want!


Paula said...

I once painted a rent house light yellow and trimmed it in brown. Hope you get some good neighbors. I agree if you don't feel comfortable going away for Christmas you may not need to go.

jack69 said...

Hope you stay warm, and you must make the decision where you go, cause you are the one in your skin.

Sometimes we just feel more at ease AT HOME. I am sure most will understand your decision.

Love to y'all up there in the COLD



You have to do what makes you feel comfortable for Christmas, Lucy! And that is that.

shirl72 said...

You are the only one that can
decide what to do about Christmas.
It is your health and you know what it will do to your body. You
are the one that will deal with the after effects by taking the trip. Do what makes you comfortable put "you" First.

Sheila and I feel that you doing a no snow dance has kept us from having snow. We only dance for snow in North Carolina. hee hee

Sheila Y said...

I knew there was another story behind that fall...
;-) Me and Shirl are dancing as hard as we can. No snow yet, but we are patient. Hope you warm up and the snow stays away from there and heads over this way. As for Christmas, do what is best for you and Joe and of course Spunky. Take care, Sheila

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