Tuesday, December 10, 2013

We mat be slowly climbing out of the deep freeze, We Hope

It was very cold last night but be are supposed to get in the lower 30’s by  Wed.  The snow has not melted much but maybe today.  I just kind of vegetated yesterday.  I talked to Ron and and  was so sorry to hear, they had to put their little Schnauzer down.  He was diagnosed with diabetes about 8 months ago and he was 14 years old.  He went blind as so many human diabetics do.  They only had him about a year.  The old guy that lived across the street had him and Ron and Kathy used to take care of him when  the owners visited her kids in another state.  They became very attached to him, so when Lester died his wife decided to move closer to her kids and asked Ron and Kathy if they wanted Buddy. They jumped at the chance.  My kids loved that little guy and it tore them both up to give him up but it got to where the insulin didn’t help. After hearing that I just  never got round to  writing my blog.  I am going to change my password on Facebook also, Jack.  Some  weird things have been happening but it was not till I heard your woes, Jack that I realized  I better do it.  I liked the conversation between you and Terri’s mom.  Senior moment there.  Oh yes, Debbie.  They are the most down to earth people.  Christopher’s dad brought Christopher with him to scoop snow for us Sunday.  That was so funny.  Chris is so little for his 3 years of age, but out of the car came a big shovel and a little one.  It was cold but that kid loves to be outside and he was one big snow ball.  His dad got a scoop full of snow and Chris dug his in and it flipped over, so he solved that.  He lay it down and took his hands and packed the snow in it and then was going to lift it like dad and it flipped and dumped again.  Chris didn’t care.  He had a ball.  No camera of course.  I sure hope Santa brings me one.  They only stayed a few minutes to warm Christopher’s hands.  Ron knows we are staying home for Christmas and is fine with that.  It is my daughter that will give me a problem.  But I am going to have to make her understand that I am not as young as I used to be, and only I can decide if I am up to it.


Chatty Crone said...

Youe little pooch was so cute with his little stuffed animal. And I always hate to hear when someone has to put their fur baby down. And I do hope that you get out of that deep freeze really quickly!


jack69 said...

You know I seldom go to FB and most fo the time get lost. I get notices taht I have a comment, but when I click on the RED X that comes instead of the message, I go to LOST LANDS. so most of the time I have no idea what folks say.
YES Debbie is a doll and just as sweet in person. We loved Terri, Gary and Debbie immediately upon our short meet. She is real, taht is for sure.
Enjoy the season....

Paula said...

My daughter's cat (one of them) has diabetes and has to have a shot twice a day and special food. I can just see little Chris trying to shovel snow, so cute.

shirl72 said...

Hope it is getting warmer for you.
We have had real cold weather rain
but no ice. Sorry to hear about
their dog. It does hurt when you
have to do that, we had to do the
same thing with Chancy, we had her for 21 years Sweet dog. Glad you made the decision not to go for
Christmas...try to stay warm.


Sad to hear about the dog being put down. Glad you had someone to shovel your snow. Nobody ever helps me and it is a chore to be sure.

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