Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A little Warmer, but various temps are Forecast for the Rest of the week

I must see if I can get this written.  I finally got  the design off of this and left the star I needed to have.  I am going to send Connie and Larry an e-mail letting them know I won’t be at Ron’s at Christmas.  I love going there but this old body is rebelling.  My hip on the side , left, where no surgery has been done, just gave me fits  from about 3 O’Clock in the afternoon just gave me fits and still is  this morning. I did nothing except Joe brought up my Christmas tree that Debbie made for me long ago and a few decorations, but that was apparently enough to send my leg and Hip Off  to a  “let’s pick on Lucy, day”  Joe and Spunky and I will be home for Christmas.  Ron’s back responded very well to the first shot of cortisone for 2 days and now he is back to eating pain pills. Putting Buddy down does not help.  We usually got another one by accident, because we  were known as the couple that love and treat their dogs like family.  They filled that void.  You never  forget the ones you lost but there is comfort to bury your face into there warm bodies and eager tongue, saying thank you for giving me a good home.  There will not be another when Spunky is gone.  I am to old for that, because what would happen to them when we died.  Joe isn’t as good as he was.  He has more problems with his vision and yesterday he was hanging some things from the ceiling, standing on a chair and he stepped down and misjudged and lost his balance and fell.  Thank goodness it was on the opposite side where his unit is  in his chest for his heart.  Had it been the left side  I am sure a wire would have been jarred loose.  He would have been fine with a step ladder which he has 2 or 3.  Joe is getting up so I better go.  Shirl, and all, Spunky is doing better every day.    So much stronger each day.


jack69 said...

Sweet entry today, yes the animals can make life sweet, but they are tough to lose.
I remember Dad saying, son you will miss Bingo, but you will find another you will love just as much. He was right.

Sorry for the pain, and also Joes mis-step. The ladder is a great thing until you fall off one... Glad no apparent damage was done.

It is hard to judge what we can and cannot do, and mom or dad is not around in our second childhood to say "Don't do that!" (smile)

Jean said...

I know it would be hard to lose one of our animals they are all so spoiled they know we love and care for them. I'm glad that Joe wasn't hurt to bad when he fell. You take care. Jean

shirl72 said...

Lucy you and Joe be careful..Glad
he did't brake anything when he fell
Glad to hear Spunky is improving each day. You guys be careful..
Take care and stay warm.


Sorry to hear Joe fell and that your hip is giving you fits, Lucy. Hang in there.

Chatty Crone said...

Oh my goodness what a day. I have to say I have been achy - maybe it is going to rain.

It will be nice to have a family Christmas.

And I am with you - our fur babbies are just like kids. Losing them will break your heart.

Hope Joe is okay.

Tuck in and stay warm.

Paula said...

Glad Joe wasn't hurt. Hope your aches go away soon.

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