Thursday, December 12, 2013

Not much of a blog today.

I spent my morning  writing an e-mail to my daughter.  She may be the one that won’t understand.  I told her that maybe if I reflect enough on all that I said I was going to, maybe I will be ready for the next family get together. If I call her I will cry and that will alarm her more.  I told her if I take a time out I may be raring to go next gathering.  This year it will be me and Joe and Spunky. My camera came yesterday but have to wait for the chip and 2 other things that are in it.  I may have bit off more than I can chew.  I read about all of them and thought this would be the simplest.  I don’t think they make a simple one.  What happened to the Brownie Box camera, or the polaroid that the pictures fade after a while. This is an Olympus cause it was the cheapest and came with a CD.  They have all gone up in price from when I first started looking at a decent one a year ago.  Can you believe I worked in a Camera Store for 3 years.  That was long ago.  Joe is none the worse for his fall but I told him do not make it a habit to fall cause it will get to you eventually.  That last one really did do me in.  Spunky  was limping a little more yesterday compared to the day before.  We let him roam the yard after checking for any foreign animals.  He was walking in snow.  I think they are like people, as far as feeling the cold more on an injured leg.  Funny part of it is if he sees food in his bowl that limp nearly disappears.  At least, even if he limps a little it takes the weight off  the good leg. Seems more comfortable every day.  Joe is up so I better get off for now.  Going to visit blogs today.


jack69 said...

Methinks the Spunky one is using some psycology. LOL
We have an old Kodak with a damaged NOSE. We bought two of them at a yard sale for $10. Now we have a replacement. I have them both working now, so we have one to give to the grand kids.

Stay warm,
Love Jack & Sherry


Cameras are complicated aren't they? ENJOY yours when you get it working.

Jean said...

I know Lucy these new phones and cameras are getting to complicated for me to and not to forget computers. lol. I had to order a new cell phone and just hope I can work it. Take care. Jean

Paula said...

Laughing @ Spunky forgetting to limp when he sees the grub. Animals are so smart.

Chatty Crone said...

You bought a new camera - I need one. I think that is great. I do know they are complicated - but you can practice a lot!

When there is food around dogs forget everything slse.

And I hope you daughter understands.


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