Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Called Dr. yesterday, go in today

I have an appointment for 11:15.  Joe is going to take me.  By the time I got food on the table last night, and it was just  leftovers, I was so winded, I was miserable.  It says on the Multaq, do not take if heart goes back into A-Fib.  How in the heck do I know for sure if that hasn’t happened? In fact  it feels like it did when I was in A-fib.  Short winded, can barely get one foot after the other.  If I went into everything that is bothering me, it would take all day.  I bet Joe is glad I don’t try to list all of  the problems.  No one knows, how much I had to push myself to ask him to drive me.  I just felt like I just lost some of my independence when those words came out. 

Enough of that.  I will write another  entry when I get home.  Joe is going to take Spunky with us.  Not so sure that is a good idea.  More so, because I don’t know how long it will be. Sometimes I get right in and I am in and out in no time.  I found my old cell phone that I have not used in probably 2 years.  This is the kind where you have to buy a card with minutes.  I would like to know if it will hold a charge., before I buy minutes for it.   It is not a Smart phone. In fact it’s intelligence is questionable  because of  it’s operator.  Must get off. will write when I get home.


shirl72 said...

Will be waiting to hear from you
when you get back from the Dr.
I think Spunky will be OK making the trip. He can sleep while waiting.
Better Joe drive than you have
a weak spell and get into trouble

jack69 said...

ope you can get some satisfaction and something that helps. Awaiting later update.
Hope you the best..

Jean said...

A waiting to hear more from you I hope you get to feeling better soon. Glad Joe is driving you and maybe Spunky will be just fine.

Paula said...

Hope the doctor can do something to make you feel much better. Hope Spunky is a good boy too.


I hope the doctor can get to the bottom of things for you, Lucy.

Chatty Crone said...

I am glad that Joe drove you - I would expect him too! My hub drives me! lol sandie

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