Monday, January 13, 2014

So, it is Monday

This is probably going to be short.  Of course what is short to me is like a book to others.  That is what you call a elderly brain compared to someone that soon will have a birthday have and both will still be in their 70’s, late 70’s.  I believe that will be Joe and Jack.  I am still kicking at 83 but that kick is telling me this old girl “ain’t what she used to be”.  I will hang in there though for a while longer.  If I can get an appointment with the Dr. between now and Wed. I will. That is how long the weather forecaster are saying it will be nicer than it has been.  I have hibernated all winter like a bear.  I wonder if bears  get cranky while they are hibernating?  Ok, now you know I must be feeling better cause I am so sick of “Windows live” ‘and outlook’ screwing up my e-mail..  I can’t get used  to G-mail as my main e-mail and Yahoo doesn’t work half the time.  I do have “, and that works pretty good but it is so different.  To professional for me.  It can get temperamental at times.  I don’t email often but I like to know I can get through.  I tried  to e-mail my daughter and tell her about that sensory condition you mentioned, Sandie.  I will just give her a call.  Well I hear Joe moving around  so I better get off of here and  see what I can do.  I can still cook.  I made a more complicated dish yesterday. It was so good.  But I got real shaky before I got it in the oven.  Then last night for just a  minute or 2  while watching TV everything got blurry and lasted about a minute then I was ok.  At least I didn’t lose part of my vision.


Paula said...

Yes it's Monday again. The weeks are flying by. Hope you get your appointment with the doctor and hope he can help you to feel better.

jack69 said...

I'm with Paula, and do hope you get the Dr's appt.
Yes time does past fast. I know you are ahead in the race, but we are not far behind. I do hope you get some relief.
Hug ole Joe and Kiss Spunky for us. It is always nice and brings a smile when we see you guys pictures pop up on our Screen saver.
Still like little Chris in the snow.

shirl72 said...

I hope you can get a Dr's app.
Lucy we are right behind you and will be there soon the way time
is flying by so fast.

Hope Spunky is still improving.
Tell him I said to not howl at
you because you are good to him.
Hope Joe is getting exciting about
another Birthday on it way. hee hee Tell Joe once you reach the
the 70's presents stop but things
get better..if you can believe it.


Glad you are going to try to get to see the doctor.

Chatty Crone said...

Please tell your daughter about it - I have been living it for almost 13 years!!! It helps knowing. sandie

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