Sunday, January 12, 2014

Made it through another day

I got through yesterday pretty good.  Better than Friday.  I didn’t have sudden bouts of pain.  Just many warnings from my body. I just wish I knew what is going on so  I could concentrate on trying to heal that. Problem???? I don’t know where to start.  Oh well that is life. I finally managed to get out of bed a little earlier.  Joe needs that time alone to catch up on sleep.  If I even get up to go to the bathroom, he wakes up and says “be careful”.  He is doing most everything.  I still cook our meals and god pity us if he has to do it.  Spunky likes his cooking.  He opens a can of dog food, scoops 3/4 cup of dog food  mix well and listen to Spunky howl cause he isn’t doing it fast enough. I just want to get back to feeling as good as before I fell.  I want to drive myself to the beauty shop and doctor.  I think I could get there and back but I don’t know about making it inside to the doctor’s office.  I can not walk very far.  That I know for sure.  I will stop complaining. I am even tired of hearing it.

Our snow is nearly gone. A lot of melting going on. Accidents are up because the melting is wet during the day but freezes quickly as soon as the temps drop  to 30 or 32 and then it is black ice.  Knuckle heads here in Lincoln don’t have sense enough to slow down and not to try to stop on a dime.

I am going to wash up and dress my body since joe is up.  Hope I can read some blogs today.  I miss that.


jack69 said...

Glad you are feeling better. Now let Joe cook some too, you will be surprised at his culinary art!

Take care. No: about the water in Kentucky. we never tasted bad water there. May some places.

Some of the worst water we have had is along the East coast, smells like rotten eggs. (smile)

Paula said...

I hope you get to where you can drive yourself to the beauty shop again. An important thing to us women. At least maybe when the weather gets warmer you won't hurt so much.

Chatty Crone said...

I think that once the snow melts - and the sun comes out - that you will feel a lot better by then.

shirl72 said...

OK it is time for you to start
feeling better. Maybe if the snow
melts and the sun come out you
will start to feel better. Our
weather has been bad. Buckets
of rain and cold.

Tell Spunky to be patient he will get his treats fast enough..He needs to be nice and not howl when he doesn't get his way he know better. Stay warm.

shirl72 said...

PS: thanks for stopping by my
blog. I am going to do better
this year. I will try to write
some of Mama's letters from Turkey Creek Mud Lake Area.

DD said...

Hi Lucy, I have been reading some of your last few blogs, some I messed before and am just learning that you fell on concrete. So sorry! I am very glad you did not break something. I hope you mend completely and have no more pain.
Take care.
Yes, the deep freeze is off and it is very nice here, sun shinning brightly, high of 61 degrees today. We are looking for rain next day or two.


Our snow is melting too. Take care of yourself Lucy.

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