Saturday, January 11, 2014

Good morning

I have the heating pad hooked up  and I had Joe bring up the little stenographers chair and the heating pad  It puts the heating pad right up against the back of chair and on to my back. works well with that. Doesn’t

last long just like I won’t last long on anything today.

  Woke up at one o’clock and the pain was unbelievable.  I do want to give you and update on Christopher’s appointment with a rehab place.  One of the best in Lincoln. They think his not eating is behavioral, possibly when he was vomiting everything he just turned against food in general  I am like my daughter, I am  skeptical because I thought eating was part of the every  day things you are born with. I didn’t eat much but I ate 3 meals a day.  They are bringing in a speech therapist.  They said the words  are there but just to be brought out.  He is such a little cutie and loves out doors, cold, hot  windy, even rain.  I sure hope they can help him.  I thought when I saw gramma Connie’s comment on face book, she needs to offer encouragement.

All of you be careful and don’t let anything to happen to you all.  Jean don’t push yourself  or you will be laid up, like I am.  To all, DO NOT FALL DOWN 5 STEPS AND LAND ON YOUR FACE, ON THE CONCFETE..  Big problems happen after I just convinced myself I wasn’t hurt. Shirl I told Spunky you said to help me today and he just laid his head back down.


shirl72 said...

I can just see Spunky on the sofa
and telling you as soon as his
nip is over he may help.

Hope the hot pad will help you I
sure hope you get to feeling better.
Falling is dangerous and you don't
know what you have hurt until later.

Try to relax and maybe that will
help ease the pain and a quick recovery. Stay warm.

jack69 said...

Heating pads work some that is for sure. Gets the blood circulating in the right places I hear.

Hope the pain goes away. We try to follow instructions, so I hope we do not fall down 5 steps, that was terrible for sure.
Love from Florida

Paula said...

Glad Joe is bringing what you need for your pain. Sure hope you feel better soon.


I am sorry to hear how much pain you are in. Take things slowly and don't push yourself. Just rest.

Chatty Crone said...

I hate that you are in pain - it just doesn't seem fair in my book. Are you going to go to the doctor?

Okay my grandson who is 12 still has what they call oral sensory processing disorder.

My daughter teaches special needs pre-school and there is a little bou who - people say won't eat - after having Andy I say can't eat - as good as other people.

It is the feeling of the food in the month - it tastes - feels - smells - looks different for them.

We had to brush the inside of his mouth for years to get it hardened is what I call it.

Still to this day. Food cannot touch. Food has to look exactly the same as it always has. Can't have anything on it. They sound spoiled, but it is absolutely 100% true.

They cannot eat like us - he'll throw up - etc.

It is HARD!

Look up sensory processing disorder and have the doctor look into SPD.


shirl72 said...

Lucy I finally wrote another
blog if you get a chance you
can read it. I use comments
on my blog to get to your blog.
My computer deleted all my blog
web-sites so I use comments
on my blog to see yours. Sounds
strange but true.

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